Rebellious Idea: Re-use Wedding Props for the Holidays

When my friend Bonsai told me she saw a purple Christmas tree in the mall, I started my holiday hunt. My husband succumbed to my tree hunt and went on the mission with me. Our eyes just popped when we saw the prizes (I did not have enough holiday spirit to buy a seven-thousand peso tree...even if it's purple). So I always went home defeated. No tree!

And then it dawned on me. I still had my purple and blue paper flowers from our wedding! D-I-Y Christmas tree was the way to go. Since I didn't spend on that, I had more money for gifts ;)

We made around 300 Japanese paper flowers for our wedding!

They were scattered everywhere as decor :) Don't mind our silly dance.

From Decor to 2D Purple and Blue Christmas Tree! TADAAAAH!

Gifts underneath our tree :D

Click to see what fellow Rebellious Bride Kai did for their holiday decor using stuff from their wedding.

Kai opted not have a Christmas tree this year and to also use items from her wedding as holiday decors. Rebellious minds think alike!

Kai's MangoRed Box with some photos on top featuring her festive brooch bouqet.

The red boxes and her bouquet make for a warm holiday display :)

I so love our tree (and Kai's red foyer!) and we've been getting lots of great feedback about it! Plus, it will be a cinch to take down after the holidays ;) Hehe. Do you know of any brides who reused or recycled their props. Share them with us!

Have a rebellious holiday, everyone!!!!

Yours in beauty and love,

Mica :)


  1. Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year too RB!

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