The Pedicab Entrance

Special thanks to Rebellious Bride Tin for sharing this with us! :)
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I am completely blown away by the rebelliousness and irreverence of this video that you are about to see. Special thanks to Stephen Wedding Film for taking the time to answer our follow-up questions that we asked about the concept video that they made for Rebellious Bride & GMA 7's Showbiz Correspondent Aubrey Carampel and Errol Aricheta. You gotta watch this guys! Nothing quite like it! 

Errol Aricheta and Aubrey Carampel -Concept 
from Stephen Wedding Film on Vimeo.

Read on to know more about the video!

Rebellious Brides: What was the idea behind the concept? Who thought of it? Was it presented during the wedding as the couple's entrance? Or was it a postnup?

Stephen: Actually the idea is from Aubrey. She wanted something makulit and make sure that every guest would laugh. We did a meeting and I started to give her some of my thoughts that would might be included in the video she wanted. We actually talked about riding the MRT and hopping to McDonald’s pa nga. But because of the time, hindi na-pursue. It is presented during the couple’s entrance but the video itself is taken days before the wedding because Aubrey has to wear her gown. It’s really a non-traditional way because she already wears the same gown, before the actual wedding just to make it look like it’s the same day.

RB: What were the challenges during the shoot and how did u overcome it?

Stephen: Challenges? The shoot at the Guadalupe Bridge was a great challenge. We don’t have a permit, bumaba lang kame and shoot. Plus the fact nanaka-bike si Aubrey and Errol. Mas challenging pa kase Cesar Apolinario tried na pagkasyahin yung bike sa gutter. :D Actually Errol said, sobrang kinakabahan daw siya while driving.

RB: The idea was so refreshing, some scenes very irreverent--what can you advise couples who may want to be this rebellious but just don't have the confidence to do it and would opt for a more "templated" traditional video?

Stephen: Akala ng mga brides, in order for you to have a Concept Shoot, you should have the acting skills. Actually it’s not. If you want something that you’ll treasure in the future, go for something nontraditional.

As an added bonus, I also want to share the actual SDE during the wedding. I enjoyed the video very much, especially the awesome vows. Watch out also for the comical hirits. So funny! The Bride's vows, I loved especially since I am also a Kapuso. The Groom's vows, I also loved because it also genuinely made me feel "kilig" -- watch the video to know what I mean by this ;)

Thank you so much again to Stephen for the time he took to answer us. Contact Stephen at: 0917-5430614 | 0933-3340215  or

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  1. Astig tlga yan!!!!
    Maraming videos na niya ang hanga ako.

    pwede na nga siyang maging director ng pelikula. :Daheheh (just exaggerating). :D malay ntin.

  2. EPIC! This is great! Everything is really good. I bet no one will say that being nontraditional is not cool. You rock Sir Stephen! :D

  3. You need a brilliant mind to have this concept. A great job indeed.

  4. I am priveleged to attend their wedding.. so far sya yung pinakamagandang wedding na na-attendan ko. from the church from their wedding vows, until sa reception sobrang enjoy kami.. walang dull moments talaga.
    i would say sobrang galing talaga yung concept video nila.. super aliw.

  5. puede talagang maging director yang si Sir Stephen...madali nyang naiintindihan at nakukuha ang gusto ng mga clients nya...siguro kase isa sa mga talents nya talaga un at isa pa hindi mahirap maka-trabaho, madaling maka-pick up kaya di ka mahihirapan at mahihiya sa kanya.

  6. ganyan pag may humble beginning...ibig sabihin may humble ending...di ka magtataka kung one day ung name na "stephen" ngayon will soon be a legend sa paggawa ng kakaiba, not so traditional, extra ordinary, simple but creative at higit sa lahat mapa-elite or mapa-masa patok na patok talaga sya.

  7. awww!!! thank you so much, RB for the feature :) Great job Stephen! :) -Aubrey and Errol