WE Heart Weddings Features The Rebellious Brides!

Please show us some love by reading the awesome feature that we got from WE Magazine's online blog, WE Heart Weddings! We definitely heart this feature! Much love and thanks to Poptastic Bride Cynthia for the write-up! :)

We are truly honored by the support we've been getting from brides, wedding visionaries, and the other online wedding curators such as ourselves. 

It makes us giddy with pride when we randomly see other photography blogs using the term "rebellious wedding" nowadays. We also feel excited in a dorky-fan kind of way when awesome wedding visionaries  share with us tweet pics whenever they see something rebellious while they're on-the-job. But most of all we feel honored whenever rebellious brides-in-the-making and ex-brides  feel a connection with what we have to say. I digress. I feel like I am accepting an award here or something haha. Well, to be in We Heart Weddings is really a big deal for us so we are very happy indeed! :)

Click the screencaps on your left or the one below to visit the feature! :)

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  1. congrats on another feature!


    truly inspired by your blog! <3