Cheska & Brian's Boardwalk Empire Wedding

There are vintage wedding themes and there is this. A vintage wedding inspired by a TV series set during the 1920s called Boardwalk Empire. Having a solid theme and a bride who was very hands-on (with D-I-Y stuff to her credit!), Cheska & Bri's big day was simply filled with swag and character. This wedding isn't just's GANGSTER!
A scene from Boardwalk Empire from
So let's relive an era of style, sophistication and  sleekness through Mr. & Mrs. Sebial's wonderful wedding details.
RB: What made your wedding rebellious?

CHESKA: The overall theme, our playing cards-like design for the invite and the misalette, custom-made fabric bouquets, custom-made felt ace, feather buttonaires, themed set photobooth, ceramic bobble head cake topper and a best in vintage attire special prize...

Custom-made boutonnieres by their friend Stephanie Cabanes.

Handmade fabric bouquet by Bonne.
Their invite was a deck of vintage playing cards.

RB: What were the challenges that you had to face since your wedding is non-traditional and how did you overcome these challenges?

Cheska: Doing the first round of explanation to both our families and the extra hours in doing the design, material sourcing and actual making of some of the custom made details like the center pieces...we were extra hands on than usual but it was all worth it.

Imagining how things will come together and make everything perfectly beautiful helped both me and my groom overcome the challenges.
Photos by Blacktie Project

RB: What makes you a Rebellious Bride?

Cheska: I am a rebellious bride because I had a dream wedding in mind and I wasnt afraid to make it happen even if it meant not conforming to what's traditional.

Being hands-on in all aspects of our wedding also meant being rebellious despite busy schedules and ideas from family and friends. We simply followed what my groom  and I desired for our wedding.

Cheska's vintage-inspired lace & corset gown was made by OJ Hofer.

Backtrack in time some more and see their photos here:

Almost all of their guest gamely garbed themselves in vintage.

Don't you think she has a very classic and vintage beauty? Perfect for their theme!

Even her entourage had fabric bouquets and headpieces.
Little vintage boy :) Cuteness!

Cheska: (On other rebellious elements of the wedding) Not sure if customized shoes for the entourage and headpieces is considered rebellious but it is to me :-) As in kinareer ko ang vintage theme! Even their dress was my idea --  cute short dresses with petticoats so feeling nila vintage ballerina sila :-) Secondary sponsors naman were in vintage-designed dresses also but without the petticoats. We also asked had a price for our guests in their most stylish vintage attire.

Customized shoes by Monica Fig

Feather headpieces for that vintage touch.

Isn't this photobooth super nice?

Cheska's mom is a rebellious one! She sang instead of giving a speech.

Cheska: I also gave Bri a non-traditional wedding gift. I invited Parokya ni Edgar :-) It's his favorite band. He was so happy and even all the guests super happy!

Parokya ni Brian and Cheska and Parokya ni Edgar :)
RB: What advice can you give to other brides who may be having second thoughts about having a rebellious wedding? 

Cheska: Our wedding was a truly special day and that it only happens once. If you wish to make the wedding that you dream of happen, even when faced with the realities of traditions, logistical and even financial challenges, resilience, creativity and our inner rebellious bride must help and be put to use. Do not be afraid to explore options. But most importantly, have fun in doing it.

 RB: Any shout-outs to your suppliers and other people who made your creative ideas come to life?

Cheska: We were generally blessed with suppliers who were in nature rebellious also and brought all our ideas to life. So to all our partners and friends, thank you so much :-) Our wedding was very special because of you guys :-)


Ceremony: Don Bosco Parish Church
Reception: Banyan Room, The Blue Leaf
Wedding Gown: OJ Hofer 
Bridal Shoes (including entourage): MonicaFig 
Hair & Make-up: The Makeup of Mica 
Video and Photographer: Blacktie Project
Pre-nup video directed by Bogs Jugo and Lester Parulan
Wedding Cake and Give aways (Jam): Tita Remy Cribe
Photobooth Set-up: IncrediBooths
Bridal Car: Don Roberts
Fabric Bouquets/Reception head piece/Entourage head candies/headpieces:Bonne
Caterer: Josiah's
Bar set-up: Tanduay
Jazz Band: Samadhi Acoustics
Wedding Singer: Sofia Arga
Sounds and Lights: iCreate
Dress of the Entourage: Merlene Marcelo
Vests of the entourage: Forever 21

BRIAN / CHESKA [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

BRIAN / CHESKA [prenup video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

Do you know any rebellious wedding inspired by a TV show or a movie? Share it with us! We'd gladly feature it :)

<3 <3 <3 Mica


  1. Thanks Mica! It was a pleasure to be featured in your blog. We are very Happy and Proud to be a Rebellious Bride...and Groom! :)

  2. You and Bri are welcome! Thanks also for letting us share them :)