Sneak Preview of Kai & Cy's Rebellious Vegas Wedding

Kai and Cy are married! Again! But this time, Vegas-style. I really wish Marc and I could go. And I wish I was able to post this live streaming link earlier. They got married 7am, our time, 4pm in Vegas. So enough of the babbling and let me show you some of the pics I grabbed from her Facebook (from Arnold Chiong, Kym Chiong and Nelwin Uy's photos) :)

Cy  got injured prior to the wedding but this robotic boot (roboot!) makes his outfit super cool! No cold feet with that!

It's Elvis! And it is OFFICIAL! Vegas, baby!

Kai wore her seagreen dress from her Bora wedding (reception dress) made by Hindy Tantoco.

A Vegas theme would also be awesome here! Let Cy & Kai's cake inspire you.

Kai goes anti-white, anti-floral bouquet and anti-veil :)
Kai's paper bouquet was made by Vatel and she's carrying her Iron Fist skull booties.

I can't wait to see the official photos! Congratulations again, Kai and Cy!MWAH!

Yours in beauty and love,

Mica :)

p.s. Do you have a Vegas wedding to share? Show us the love :)


  1. wow! nice! can't wait for the official photos, too! :) congrats, Kai! :)

  2. Congratulations to Kai & Cy (again!) on their lovely Vegas wedding (: