Jay Jay Lucas Wants You!

Rebellious Bunch - Chestknots / Jay Jay Lucas is one of Bridetastic's highest ranked photographers and we couldn't agree more.

Here's one of the most thoughtful reviews made by one of Jay Jay's brides at Bridetastic:

Now Jay Jay wants YOU! Yes you! If you are a couple who's just starting with your wedding planning, here's your chance to get a great deal on Jay Jay's wedding packages. Have you already booked Jay Jay? Don't fret! Bridetastic's The Best for Less deal can still be extended to you if you win the contest! All you have to do is convince him and impress him on why your wedding will be more special with Jay Jay on your team. Give us reasons to be proud of you too by making sure your entry rebelliously stands out!

Jay Jay already made an awesome definition of the Rebellious Bride (visit the link HERE). But now we asked him on what he thinks of the Rebellious Bridetastic Bride and here's what he had to say:

"A Rebellious and Bridetastic Bride searches for the extraordinary in the ordinary of things in a wedding. They look for that extra punch, the essential detail, the winning combination that would allow them to enjoy their wedding experience. They are hands on, they do their research and makes sure that they won't sacrifice personalizing their big day. And what's great about rebellious and bridetastic brides is that they happily share their experiences with fellow brides and share tips and advices that were helpful to them."

We also asked him if he had any advice for brides who are wedding planning and here's what he said: 

"Do things together as a couple. Decide on the minor and major things. A lot of people around may have a lot of suggestions and opinions, but in the end the decision should be still with you guys. A lot of preparations go into a wedding.. don't forget that once everything is set.. just pray, sit back, let go, trust your suppliers and enjoy the biggest day of your lives! :D" -- Indeed!

Here are more of Jay Jay's most unique photos :)

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