The Blueprint of Love

Two architects fall in love. See them from conceptualization to construction to "building" a good foundation for love. Here's what April & Manny did for their engagement session.

Creating a blueprint for love

Woman and Man at work

Making beautiful skylines together

Ain't no building high enough

A wedding under construction

Fall in love

Hard hats, soft hearts.

High in Love

Building a life together

April and Manny wanted a prenup session that showed what they loved to do. They shot in their Makati Office, a construction site and at a rooftop. All true to their passion for work and their passion for each other. 

Click below to see more of their photos from Joel H. Garcia :)

Manny & April Engagement Session Avp By Joel H. Garcia from Joel H. Garcia on Vimeo.

This is such a sweet office romance! Do you know of any couples who are in the same field and decided to use that as their prenup concept? How about race car driver lovers or flight attendant couples or scuba diver lovers??? Those would make for awesome prenup photos! Share them with us!

<3 <3 <3 Mica

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  1. Beautiful pics!!! :)

    My colleagues, Donna and Toto, had a prenup shoot where one of the locations was in my alma mater, Philippine General Hospital. Don't think they've been featured anywhere yet.