Jadee and Blake's Indoor Garden

When you can't take your wedding to the garden, take the garden to your wedding!

"I have always wanted a rustic chic garden wedding. However, my husband, being the concerned Chinese son that he is, wanted to make sure the elders are comfortable. Actually, he would have let me have it my way but it was his wedding too so we compromised and decided to do it in a hotel. But there was no way I was going to let go of my theme! I actually got even more excited since I was already thinking of ways to transform the place" -- Jadee on creating her dream wedding no matter what.

Makati Shangrila was transformed into an indoor garden. Photos by Chito Cleofas

A path was set up inside the hotel that looked like a garden wedding aisle with an arch as an entrance. Since the two wanted to get married a under a tree, their stylist got one for them. They call it their "vow tree."

Jadee and Blake repeated their vows under this tree.

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See what else makes this wedding a rebellious one!

Jadee and Blake really put good thought into their wedding and had simple twists to the usual wedding stuff. I'll let Jadee take you through her wedding full of customized details that show their personality :)

Jaydee: The entourage entered the reception venue holding “kacha” banners (which were hand
painted by mom) while “Silly Love Songs by The Beatles” was playing. The banners


Putting the projector screen to good use, Jadee used "love quotes" looped all throughout the wedding.

This was designed by Jadee's friend who is a graphic artist.

Jadee: There was a wish tree made of twigs for guests to put their wishes of course, the wish
cards were inserted in their table napkins and message instruction boards were put on
every table so guests would know what to do with the wish cards. Beside the wish tree
was a table for guests to release their creativity while giving us their message.

Jadee: Flowers as centerpieces were all white and soft to stay faithful to my theme. They were
put in crate like small wooden boxes. Beside it were “shake for a kiss” bottles, instead of
clinking the glasses, these were used if guests wanted us to kiss, these were also made by
my mom. Little heart flags made by Blake and I on the other hand were inserted in the
flowers for guests to use for the voting in the awards portion. Guests had to waive these
flags to choose the winners for: Best Wish, Best Dressed and the Couple Likely to Get
Married Next.

Jadee: My female entourage’s gowns were all jersey (fabric that’s not usually used for
weddings) since I wanted them to be able to use it again. I didn’t want embellishments on
the gown, instead I gave them custom-made necklaces which I sort of designed. These
served as my thank you gifts to them as well.

Jadee: Instead of calling the single girls, we called the unmarried boys with girlfriends. I did not exactly toss the flowers, strings were attached and only one was really attached. The winner called the girl and he gave the flower on stage.

  RB: What makes you a Rebellious Bride?

Jadee: I did not do it just for the sake of being different. All I know is that I know the wedding
 I want to have and the wedding that I want to remember so I stuck by it and went
ahead and created it. I did not have to offend anybody in the process, there were
always workarounds that challenged and excited me even more. I did not treat this as
succumbing or compromising what I wanted, it was an opportunity for me to be even
more creative.

Rebellious Bride Jadee wore a birdcage instead of a veil.

 Jadee:  They always say that that day will go by so fast, it’s true. So for me, the stress and
hard work that you put into making your “rebellious” wedding will add to the happy
thoughts when you remember what happened that day. The feedback from people
will all make it worthwhile. Your wedding is supposed to let the attendees know and feel
who you are.

 We, at Rebellious Brides, couldn't agree more :)

Have you been to any transformed wedding venues lately? Or any new twists to the ordinary wedding details? Share it with us! We'd love to hear from you :)

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  1. I went to Jadee and Blake's wedding. :) Lovely wedding and beautiful couple. Also, it would be nice if Jadee would share her vows too - now, that is one rebellious bride! Haha. Congrats, Jadee and Blake!

    -- URC