Kate Spade Mood Board #9

FLORAL w/ A TWIST (inspired by lawn parties and tennis) is Kate Spade's pattern of the Month!

 I know, I know. Every month we gush about Kate Spade. But who wouldn't?!? I'm just so amazed with how they can absorb creativity from just about anything! Last month Kate Spade dedicated February to girl rock bands and then out of the blue, March is inspired by--of all things---female tennis players!

And why not, right? Female tennis players, after all, are so hot! The perfect balance of femininity and strength! So how about creating a wedding theme out of a passion? Or how about all things blue, yellow, and green? Or how about a grassy bouquet? Spring is definitely here and it sure does look f-u-n! :)

Live Colorfully!
Kai :)


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