Rebellious Bride Christine's Trash the Dress Story

"Trashing the dress means letting go! You may have had a perfect wedding or may have had a disastrous one, but letting things go and enjoying your new life is what's important. My advice to brides, just do it! I was also hesitant at first on doing it but Nelwin Uy told me to just do it and commit, you won't even wear your wedding gown again anyway, unless you want to pass it on to your future daughter, but I guess not all daughters want the burden of wearing your gown 20 or 30 years from now! haha ;) In the end it was worth it! I got the photos that I want and I literally enjoyed the gown that I spent a ton of money on!

Rebellious Bride Christine Caspe-Lam on Trashing the Dress

When Rebellious Bride Tin emailed us, she was apologetic in saying that she wasn't sure if her trash the dress was "rebellious enough" knowing that the trash session was four years ago--but that's the thing right? The very thought that this was done four years ago means she was not doing it because it was a trend--more like she was probably one of the first to confidently try it out and take the leap. But what I love most about this trash the dress is the fact that the couple wanted to assert themselves and have it "their way" despite their traditional Chinese wedding and of course--the fact that the wedding gown is anti-white! :)

Here's Rebellious Bride Tin's email:

Hi, first of I'd like to say your blog is an inspiration! Love your features :)

We would like to share our wedding with you, I don't know if its "rebellious" enough seeing that brides have been doing things like this for awhile now and our wedding was held 4 years ago pa :) but I really love how the photos came out, and I would really love to share them with you. Photos were taken in El Nido Palawan, it was sort of a trash the dress shoot, we did this shoot because the both of us love to travel and would have loved to have had a destination wedding, but being from a Chinese family traditions came first, so we asked our photographer Nelwin Uy and a couple of family and friends to go with us to El Nido and do a shoot, it was like a mini wedding reception :)

The gown was designed by Larry Espinosa, he was sort of a mentor to me, I'm now a designer and do wedding gowns as well, that's why trashing the the dress was heartbreaking knowing the work that went into doing it. But after seeing the beautiful photos and having sort of experienced a destination wedding it was worth it! :)

RB: What makes you a Rebellious Bride?

Tin:  It's knowing what you want and following thru with it. I don't follow what's "uso". I follow what I feel doing, suppliers adjust to me instead of me adjusting to them (but of course respect is still important ).

 We totally love this trash the dress story and what it essentially stood for. Let this be an inspiration for you guys not just to have a trash session per se, but to actually creatively learn how to integrate your own rebelliousness even if your wedding itself has to be traditional. Tin wanted a destination wedding but came to terms that she really couldn't have one--and yet, she still managed to achieve it with her husband, her family, and friends! Got a similar story? Share it w/ us at 

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