The Bearable Lightness of Noel Salazar

It is simply brave of Noel to own up to a title that says QUIRKY wedding photographer. He has defined his market and he has defied the norm. He knows how to have fun because he has pure,awesome TOPAK!

Seeing his body of work, I find so much happy faces and out-of-the-box ideas. It's as if he has some magic charm that makes couple pose like wacky children, making faces and all.

The FlyPaper Pose
He even has a category called Unconventional Weddings. And my rebellious heart skipped a beat when I saw it. God bless this man!

The Lollipop Fight
Click below to see some more of my favorites from the bunch and to get to know more about Noel's addiction (the color orange!):

Yes, he is a addict. Noel is fanatical about the color orange that he even has an album dedicated to it in his blog. Me thinks it very much suits his very happy-go-lucky/cheery shots. 

Here are more shots I like:

They made placards just because. No connection to the wedding at all. TOPAK lang!

This couple wed in their tsinelas!

"Parang nasa bahay lang pose" in Fully Booked.

Lovely ladies in infinity dresses (which I love) and one wacky, beautiful bride.

This groom makes me LOL!
There's just so much rebellious details and inspirations you can get from Noel's site.

One of my fave bridal gowns. So simple yet so rebellious!

Awesome wedding billboard! Peewee & Camille's wedding deserves a separate blog :) Watch out for that!

 Noel: The Rebellious Bride is someone who doesn't conform to what most people think a wedding should be. She doesn't let herself be dictated to by anybody; everything about the wedding is going to be all about her and her groom, the real them, with their true personalities and stories coming out in all the details of the wedding, from the guests to the gown to the set-up to even the rings. Above all the rebellious bride remembers that what matters most is not the wedding or the details but after: in her relationship with her husband and with God. 

Oh, and the rebellious bride is someone who knows how to have fun too. Whatever happens, she just goes with the flow, and stays awesome always. :D

Noel: I think the most rebellious wedding I've ever covered was a wedding with only 24 guests, so with the suppliers, we were around 30 all in all. It was a no-fuss wedding, a very intimate one, with no pretensions. And while the couple was hands-on with their details, ultimately, all that really mattered was that they get married. That's what really made it great. :)
Intimate weddings in the Philippines are rebellious in itself! That's the final headcount of this wedding.

These photos are a breathe of fresh air! Thank you for bringing in the quirkiness, Noel! And thank you to the all the rebellious couples here. More and more, weddings in our country are becoming more beautiful and more meaningful :)

Do you have anything TOPAK to share? Bring it on! 

<3 <3 <3 Mica

p.s. Thanks to Macy Diaz-Burgos for sharing pics from a wedding covered by Noel Salazar :)

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  1. Awesome post!!! Working with Noel is always fun and stress-free. Always a treat styling for Noel's pre-wedding and pre-debut photo shoots!!! MORE MORE MORE!!! :D

  2. Wow! So proud to have my future photographer featured here. :-)

  3. Wow! I'm so glad to have found this site - wish I found it back when I was just starting to plan my Nov 2012 wedding! Too much stress could have been avoided! My fiance and I are paying for our Philippine wedding ourselves--a thing we INSISTED on doing since I know just how uber-traditional both sets of parents are. We're not going to have any kids in the entourage, as we wanted to keep our costs waaaay down (we're saving up for a future home here in the US), so my maid of honor will be bringing down the rings. My other best friend will bring the arrhae. All 5 girls in the entourage will wear mismatched dresses they get to design; for some reason I really don't like the look of matching dresses. And I will definitely be wearing bright teal shoes! We capped the guest list at 80 - we wanted it at 30 but too much fighting ensued we just relented. To keep costs down, we're having the reception at Sonya's garden (hooray for all you can eat awesomeness!) , much to my dad's chagrin (he's still holding out that we will change our mind and go for the 12 course lauriat feast - ugh). Most of the decors will be DIY - origami cranes, hand painted vintage photo frames, thrifted and refurbished vases, we're even letterpressing our own invites. My fiance, sister, and I will also make the wedding cake as we're all big baking and cake decorating enthusiasts! Minimal flowers as they'll just get thrown out right after the ceremony, and for the "bridal car" we're borrowing my friends SUV and attaching balloons to it. Our parents have been looking on in resigned horror, but I told them I allowed them to invite all those extra people, so now we get the final say. :)

    1. Hi Jane,

      Can't wait to feature your wedding! Good luck! :)