Rebellious Bullets of Creativity

"MindBullets studios has an arsenal of creative individuals armed with concepts and design skills that will effectively implement your visual requirements, from video, photography, graphic design and web." --- Lifted from MindBullet's About page that reeks of a rebellion on its own, you've got to deliver in the most badass way you possibly can, right?

And deliver they definitely do. Sometimes, to achieve that distinct flavor for your prenup or wedding, you've got to venture out into looking for creative boutiques who are young, adventurous, hungry for the unconventional, and just plain fresh. You can see it in MindBullet's prenup videos... the technique, in how the couples carry themselves, in the overall vibe. Their prenup videos don't even look like prenup videos--more like you are starring in your own short film that are just not the usual cheesy kind.

We can't wait to see more from MindBullets because they definitely are on "target"!
"With a rebellious groom by her side, she replaces the expected fundamentals of a wedding with alternative elements that allow her (and her groom's) personality to shine through. She doesn't agonize over the preparations, but enjoys every minute of it, because each rebellious element is made with love. She is, by heart, unique and full of surprises!" 

-- MindBullets on their Definition of the Rebellious Bride

MindBullets Presents Arturo+Somerie (Teaser 45s) from MindBullets Studios on Vimeo.
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