The Rebellious Couple with THREE Weddings

Round 1-2-3!!!

*Originally published on Wedding Essentials Magazine*
For those of you who visited the blog earlier this week, perhaps you've noticed that some of my blog posts are missing. I'll get to explain it (hopefully soon), but right now, I don't wanna jinx the exciting news so I'll zip my mouth shut for now.

So as a different spin on things, I've decided to create an article instead about having three weddings!

When people learn that I’ve already had three weddings (with the same groom of course!) in just a span of one year, the initial reaction is that I am one spoiled bride. I call it Rebellious. In truth, the reason why we’ve had three weddings is so we can accommodate and make everyone we love happy. But who am I to complain? A girl usually has only one chance to make a wedding right—and I’ve had the chance to play and experiment with my wedding ideas not twice but thrice! In the television show Sex and the City, there was one episode where Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t understand why she’s not excited when she got engaged. She said maybe she didn’t have a “bride gene”. I am probably the exact opposite of that. When it comes to “bride genes” – I was at the forefront when God was giving it away!

ROUND 1: The “Bora Hop” Wedding
Date: February 15, 2011
Venue: Boracay
Type of Wedding: Beachfront Sunset Civil Wedding

Photos by Mango Red
Fondly called as the “Bora Hop”, our Boracay wedding was literally a hop from one place to the next because we wanted our family and friends to experience the island, the same way we enjoy it. We started the festivities with breakfast at Real Coffee, spa at Mandala Spa, beachfront ceremony at The White House Station 1, cocktails at The Tides, dinner at True Food, and firedance show at Bamboo Lounge. Kate Spade pinwheels, baby blue parasols, armed with my gorgeous brooch bouquet, and Boracay as our backdrop, it was really the wedding of my dreams. Our wedding has been cited as one of award-winning videographer Jason Magbanua’s favorite weddings of 2011. He described the wedding as "brief, emotional, and powerful", while he described us as "imaginative". :)

L-R: One of our very many giveaways was a "sniff" travel tissue pack purchased from / My breathtaking brooch bouquet made especially for me by a dear friend.

L-R: I asked my gal pals to wear their own all-white beach outfits: This allowed them to have the freedom to choose what they wanted to wear yet the effect was surprisingly cohesively stylish! / Our beachfront ceremony at the White House where we positioned the chairs to circle the ceremony arc to make it more intimate, private, and personal. / Beaches -- More Fun in the Philippine! / One of our six "Bora Hops" of the night: Cocktails at The Tides Sun Deck Solstice

L-R: My "Dew Drop" gown by designer Hindy Weber Tantoco and Makeup by Rebellious Bride Mica! / The BEST groom EVER in his navy linen Linea Italia suit with a turquoise flower brooch boutonniere.

Photos by J Lucas Reyes
ROUND 2: The Sunshine, Tea-Time, Hats and Pearls Wedding
Date: June 4, 2011
Venue: Manila
Type of Wedding: Catholic Ceremony

Being wed in the eyes of God was very important for my parents, and so the second wedding was essentially to fulfill this single wish from them. But even though this was already the second wedding, we still seized the opportunity to make it special as we possibly can. With yellow butterflies and flowers, balloons, chalk boards, a yellow bridal car, yellow head pieces galore, and everyone in their best yellow tea-time outfits, we created one pretty “yellow revolution!” J Lucas Reyes picked our second wedding as one of his most rebellious for 2011. My parents' friends also personally commended me and said that they enjoyed the wedding--and since this wedding was primarily for my parents, I'm glad that they had the wedding that they wanted and a wedding their friends could appreciate!

Photos taken from Cafe 1771 by J Lucas Reyes / Photos taken from the Church by Arnold Camacho / L-R: Our Rebellious Brunch a few hours before the wedding at Cafe 1771 El Pueblo / One of the many yellow details of the wedding: yellow flowers in all kinds and sizes! / CORY! CORY! CORY! Our Church Wedding at Our Lady of Pentecost Katipunan was one big yellow revolution! / My pink Tadashi Shoji gown, styled with a Bonne 12-inch head piece veil and layers of pears, and makeup by Rebellious Bride Mica of course!

Photo from the Left by J Lucas Reyes / Photo from the Right by Arnold Camacho  *Heavenly table styling by K by Kaye Cunanan

Artwork by The Fozzy Book
ROUND 3: The Elvis Vegas Wedding
Date: February 21, 2012
Venue: Las Vegas, USA
Type of Wedding: Ceremony by Elvis!

Even though my husband loved our other weddings, a part of him felt like something was missing. Having been raised in the US, most if not all of his best friends are from the States. My husband has been homesick and missing his friends for 11 years and due to the economy and other personal reasons, they were not able to attend in any of the two weddings. So for our first year anniversary (and for our long overdue honeymoon), we decided to fly to Las Vegas, get married the third time around, and cross out one of our Bucket List items to experience an Elvis wedding. And although this was a budget-challenged wedding, we still managed to squeeze in a lot of unique details from our own artwork, to cigars, wines, a new bouquet, some booties, and cheesy Vegas Elvis elements, it was all we could ever ask for! The wedding made my husband very happy--and that's what really mattered. There was a moment when we were able to intimately have a "candle pass" (aka open forum) with his friends, sharing their feelings about seeing Cy again after 11 years, and Cy introducing me to his group. I couldn't believe my eyes that MEN were opening up like that. It was a whole other level of brotherhood and I am so grateful to have been part of it. Elvis-wise, The King was just as we expected him and SO MUCH MORE! Viva Las Vegas!

Photos by Nelwin Uy / Gorgeous Paper Cockade Bouquet by Vatel's {etc} Handmade Goodness, Makeup by Amelia C. in Las Vegas, "Sea Folly" gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco / My Prince CHARMING and his super cute grin :)

*Hey wait there's a BONUS ROUND! Read on for more! 

Photos by Mango Red
Date: February 21, 2011
Venue: Sidebar, El Pueblo Ortigas
Type of Event: Post-Wedding Party

Just when I thought there were only 3 rounds, I almost forgot about the "bonus" round! Haha. A week after our first wedding in Boracay, we hosted a post-wedding party in Manila for those who have not been invited to the Boracay wedding. Yes folks, we were honest enough to explain to friends that the Boracay wedding was a private one with just the immediate family and a few friends. The concept of the "Bora Hop" would not have worked for a big crowd. Not to mention, we were on a tight budget and couldn't afford to host for a large group. At the same time, my husband only had very very few guests in Boracay (again because his closest buddies were in the States) and I didn't want it to be a "Kai wedding" so I wanted to be fair. Anyway, we knew that asking people to fly on a weekday and spend for  Boracay would be asking for too much so, we just thought it would be more practical to celebrate in Manila with everybody else.

But this didn't mean that we didn't make sure the post-wedding party wasn't going to be special for everybody else. In truth, this acted as our "reception". This is where friends toasted, this is where song numbers were done, this is where the photos and the same-day-edit were premiered, and most importantly, this is where people really got drunk and crazy! :)

L-R: We had our post-wedding party in Sidebar El Pueblo Ortigas aka Inuman lang po ito! / Jason Magbanua premieres our wedding video during the post-wedding party. He muses that he's never had this much fun since his birthday bash! / We asked everyone to be in their best outfits (on a Monday work night!) and we gave awards to the best dressed female and male!

L-R: My husband toasts to his best man's speech / My makeup is once again by the fabulous Rebellious Bride Mica! / My friend Tria Unson sings Bruno Mars' "Marry You" and Julianne's "Grateful" / Dress code of the night: Manila's Most Stylish and my awesome friend Warren didn't disappoint! / The night's entertainment included video mash-up mixes which everyone just super loved!

 Having 3 weddings attract the wrong impressions--we're spoiled, we are too excessive, we focus on the wedding not the marriage, or we spend on the wrong things. First of all, for those of you who don't know us, before Rebellious Brides I actually had a different blog called "Happy Monthsary" because my husband and I are notorious for celebrating our monthsaries in the most unique possible way we can. So surprising each other, celebrating our love our own way, has been our way of life. Also, I am proud to say that I’ve had three weddings and if I were to sum up how much we’ve spent in total, it will still cost LESS than the other formula used by other couples comprised of: Famous Church + Swanky Hotel + Big Named Bridal Gown Designer + European/Island Getaway Honeymoon = Millions of Pesoses.You wanna bet? Email me privately to know how much we've spent in total for these 3 weddings. Believe me we are not rich kids--in fact, everything we've done so far have not been funded by our parents and we have our fair share of bills and child support to last us a lifetime. But we try our best to live the life we want. Come to think of it, one of the reasons why we've done things differently, is so we can maximize our budgets and make it work. We don't like putting off our dreams just because of financial issues, life is too short, we don't wanna wait 'till we're old and gray to do the things we've always wanted to do, and we believe in squeezing out our creativity, practicality, and negotiating skills as much as we can without compromising style and ideas. And if you are wondering if there’s going to be another wedding in the works, well that’s all folks! No weddings in the foreseeable future.

Do you know of other couples who have gotten married in different rounds and versions as well? We'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to feature! Email us at

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  2. I think this is becoming the acceptable way to compromise for religion and parents. I've known of other couples who have two weddings even on the same day just to have a Christian wedding and a Catholic wedding at the same time. I don't think it's being extravagant. Congrats on your 3 weddings! ;0

  3. All the weddings were so stylish! It's so inspiring especially when you said they are not as expensive. Thanks for sharing.

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