Rebellious Idea - Beach Bohemian Wedding
"To days of inspiration,
playing hookey, making
something out of nothing,
the need to express---
To communicate,
to going against the grain,
going insane, going mad" -- Jonathan Larson (La Vie Boheme, The RENT Musical)

Hello Rebellious Brides,

Greetings from rainy Surigao City!

First of all, I am a big fan of your blog. I super love the bora hop wedding and Mica's anti-white gown. I'm writing to hopefully start a rebellious bride discussion. The fiance and I are planning to have our wedding in the place where it all began -- Boracay. Being former Boracay residents, we wanted to have a fun casual wedding which will capture the essence of our island life. I really want a Beach Bohemian theme, and I am hoping to get some ideas from former Boracay brides, and fellow rebellious brides since I am finding it hard to research for this kind of theme in sites here in the Philippines (I haven't seen any wedding featured with the same theme). I hope to hear from you soon!

Lots of love,
I love Bohemianism! I am perhaps not you would call a hardcore, but I've always thought that I am a Bohemian at heart. Bohemianism is in essence going against convention. It's about finding "Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love" --some would say that these are the most basic doctrines of the Bohemian culture. Lifestyle and style-wise this translates to the most organic, most natural, and most free-spirited you could ever go for. 

It would even be hypocritical to "dictate" what a Bohemian Beach wedding should look like for the simple reason that the very core of being Bohemian is having no rules at all. 

While we will try our best here to churn out as much ideas as we can share, all I can say is, find it from within. 

Personally when I think of Bohemian the first thing that pops into my head are hues of turquoise, mood rings, eccentric fabrics, unkempt flowers, Moulin Rouge, Jonathan Larson (The RENT Musical), Drew Barrymore, among other points of inspiration. But what does Bohemian mean to you and your groom? If you love Boracay, and if you want a Boho Beach wedding, the answer lies basically on how you enjoy the island in its natural state. No frills, no fuss. Let the island guide you. And if you really MUST look for wedding pegs and you are finding it hard to look for some, then DON'T LOOK AT WEDDING PEGS. Search for the Bohemian lifestyle instead. That's where you will find your inspiration--from icons, to artists, to interior designs, maybe even songs, a flower, a fabric print--think of what resonates with you the most and convert it into the wedding of your dreams. 

Here are some ideas just to keep the ball rolling! 

All the ideas you will see below are keeping in mind that a Bohemian wedding has been done a million times over. Mostly, these Boho weddings go for the softer look. What you will see here is a more contemporary take on the Boho Beach vibe. More pops of color, more on the "no rules" edge, more on the freedom of expression.  

The Rebellious Boho Beach Bride

L-R: Boho Striped Gown ( / 
DIY Wreaths (

If you are rebellious enough to take the plunge, I think a Boho beach wedding is not just perfect for the anti-white gown, but even perfect for the PRINTED gown. Instead of a veil, go for a DIY wreath but use colors that really POP.

The Rebellious Boho Beach Groom

L-R: Jack Johnson ( / Graphic Tees (

If you are rebellious enough to ALLOW your groom to wear something very very laid back that is the Boho beach vibe, I'd take inspiration from a poet or an artist. For instance, singer/songwriter Jack Johnson is the epitome of beach coolness--perhaps we can see the groom riding a bike to the ceremony? Then have him wear an UBER wicked graphic tee with an artwork that was especially made just for the wedding--for an added touch of being formal at the very least, he can wear a linen suit over it.

The Flowers

L-R: Giant Paper Flowers ( and

Most previously executed Boho weddings have used fresh flowers that are not arranged--like it was just freshly picked that morning. But for a more updated take on things, how about going for giant flowers instead? They can serve as your ceremonial arc, and you can carry just a single one to walk down the aisle to! It creates an added whimsy, and such a refreshing thing to see on the beach!

The Entourage

L-R: Gypsy Bohemian Girls ( and

Since we are going for the more contemporary and edgier Boho look, have the entourage styled like sexy Bohemian gypsy girls with makeup that really pops, and with accessories that are so "effortlessly cool" with printed turbans or head pieces and layered chunky accessories.

The Ceremony

L-R: The Tree Planting Ceremony (

Bohemians create their own rules pretty much. For the beach front ceremony, how about adding your very own tradition? Just like the couple in the picture who created their own "tree planting ceremony", how about incorporating in your wedding a "Boho painting ceremony" where you and your groom will paint together the words "Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love" in either blank canvases or shells, and vow to imbibe these things in your marriage.

The Anti-Reception

L-R: Manana, Boracay ( and

What do you guys love most about Boracay? Honestly, if we still had the time (and budget) to add another stop in our Bora Hop, we would have added Manana. Pick the most significant place in Boracay for the both of you and have your reception there. If Manana is something that speaks to you as well, I would say go for it! The place has 2 floors plus a beach front! And the food?--- Still one of my favorites of all time! 

Read on for more ideas!

More Design Elements

L-R: Boho Graphic Art ( / 
Bohemian Pillows (

What design elements speak to you when you say Boho Beach? For me, I think of unbelievable artworks, laid back lounging, and colorful embroidered pillows---Things that are very Bohemian yet have not been used in other weddings. Some Boho weddings that have been executed border almost on "Shabby Chic"--so if you really want something more different, I would say be adventurous and go for the more artistic and crafty side of it. 

Don't also lose sight of where you are having your wedding--it's going to be in Boracay so keep things more simple and less complicated by making use of what's already there like beautiful sarongs and lots and lots of puka shells!

L-R: Sarongs and Puka Shells grabbed from Getty Images

The Bohemian Girls

Sarah Meier (Photo by Mango Red)
Need more inspiration and confidence? Here are three of my favorite women who embody the Bohemian spirit so well. Research on them, know what they stand for, learn their style and maybe you can also pick up a thing or two with how they've created their own personalities.

L-R: Hindy Weber Tantoco and Noelle Hilario of Brown Belly

We hope you loved our feature on your wedding theme, Jen and good luck on your wedding preps! Always remember that whatever you choose to do for your wedding, make it your own. 

Do you have more ideas for a Beach Boho wedding? Comment away! 

Viva La Vie Boheme!!!

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  2. OMg! I love Boho beach wedding! it was one of our choice too but since hubby is Mexican we will have a Mexican beach theme instead!For Jen I guess the pictures above are enough for her pull off a nice boho beach wedding! :D Cheers

    1. Hi Anna that's a great theme! Do email us! We'd love to feature :)

  3. -via gmail-

    Thank you for the article. I love your ideas and I am bursting of ideas of my own. Your blog is truly an inspiration for rebellious brides like me! I look forward to reading more of your articles and I'll update you on how my beach boho turns out! :)

    Lots of love,

  4. -via email-

    Hello Kai & Mica,

    Thank you for the link. I have been following your advice to 'find it from within' and I have been surfing the waves of inspiration ever since. Haha. As of now, I am crossing my fingers that we would be able to book THE Amanda Tirol for our wedding to help us turn the dream into a reality. Wish us luck!

    Lots of love,

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