We Do It For Love goes Crazy in Love (Teaser)

Literally! Gem and Jay-r's love story is pure crazy in many sense of the word. Plus, this couple is really close to my heart since the bride-to-be is my youngest sister :) 

From the brainstorming to D-I-Ying for the props to the shoot itself, it was one helluva crazy ride. Much thanks to We Do It For Love for being wholeheartedly game. They went on board the crazy boat from the very beginning. I just love the energy of the whole concept! Awesome, guys!

Here's a teaser from our shoot:

Someone got hooked!

For more baliw-baliwan behind-the-scene shots (of the crew themselves), click below!

We made crazy props from magazine cut-outs :)

They will do anything for love!

Will post the whole set soon on this crazy little shoot called love:)

<3<3<3 Mica

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