A Rebellious Wedding on Friday the 13th

Denise & Bogey
"My rebellious wedding is coming up!! Friday the 13th, April 2012! :P"
-- Rebellious Bride Denise Gonzales

The other day, we blogged about finding out if any couple got married during April Fools Day. Sadly, we haven't received any emails yet. But one couple we know, is just in a whole other level of courageous rebelliousness. They didn't have a wedding on April Fools Day--they are having their wedding on April 13, 2012 and yes folks, the 13th falls on a FRIDAY.

We couldn't resist having Denise & Bogey in our blog even before their actual wedding because we want to applaud, salute, and celebrate their no "BS" attitude! So read on to know more about this couple and their wedding date!

Rebellious Brides: Why did you decide on April 13 as your wedding date?

Denise: We initially wanted January 13, which also fell on a Friday but couldn't get the church and reception we wanted on that date..the soonest was after holy week and it just so happened it was Friday the 13th too. I guess Bogey and I are just silly people who don't like following trends and fads so we wanted something different for our wedding and what better way to start than with the date we chose! It was the first step and we felt it was also us making a statement.

L-R: Wedding Invitation by Noelle Hilario / Denise & Bogey with their cute and smart little boy Benny

Bogey and I have been together for almost 7 years now and have a 4 year old son so getting married was something many people wanted us to do a long time ago..we delayed and grew and then one day- when we BOTH wanted to take the plunge, we decided to get married.

Plus it was a date that we felt would be free (for our suppliers) since we thought other Filipino couples wouldn't choose this date. (hehehe!) --- (RB: We love the way you guys think! Hehe)

RB: Did you receive any comments on this?

Denise: Hahaha- yes. some people were being polite saying "Oh yeah- that's all superstition anyway, it should be fine." Others wished us good luck and best wishes. Most of our family and friends are just happy we finally decided to do it so they will all be with us on our big day!

RB: Any advice to other couples on having the guts to do the same?

Denise: Just go with what you love and what you feel. Trust in the process and go with the FLOW! A date is a date..it's something you'd like to remember forever so make it special!

RB: Any lucky charms or other stuff you plan to do? 

Denise: PRAY! and trust that it will fall into place! I also asked Bogey to offer eggs in Sta. Clara Church for good weather. The rest, we leave up to luck! :P

The story behind the wedding invitations - When we decided to get married, we felt like we had to get approval from someone special- Benny, our 4 year old son. When we broke the news to him, he was initially mad and upset saying 'No! No!' I was scared and thought it was a sign that we were doomed. I think he was a bit jealous too. then the next day, he said to me, "Mum, I changed my mind. you and daddy can get married. I thought you got married already so I didn't want you to do it again." He was referring to a photo of me as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding marching down the aisle. He thought that that was our wedding and I don't know why or where he got the idea that you should only do it once (he's profound that way). So there..we had our son's blessing and this invite was born from that.

The elephants' details and little doodles were all drawn by Benny. :)

Bogey has this to add: "AND if things do go wrong on that day (knock on wood), at least we have the date to blame!" --- (RB: Indeed!) 

So for all of you guys out there who are considering the 13th as a wedding date but are afraid of it falling on a Friday, for those who are afraid of Sukob, those who are afraid of dates like April Fools, always remember that weddings and marriage are based on love...and a good sense of humor :)

From Kai: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Denise & Bogey! And great job on the invitations! I love how Benny is in the heart of everything :)

From Mica: Friday the 13th has always been a symbol of luck for me. Basta may maswerteng nangyayari parati. So am happy to hear that you guys chose such a special date. Rebellious talaga!

Kai & Mica
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  1. wow! I know Denise Gonzales. She's our student council president in Assumption San Lo way back. AC people can tell that she's strong willed and non conformist in a good way.

  2. Mabuhay si Denise at si Bogey! Go Benny! :)

  3. thanks fellow rebellious brides! :* to infinity and beyond! -denise

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    Congratulations to Bogey!! :)

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    Congrats Bogey and Denise! :) super cute invite with benny's doodles! the best! :) (i'm such a mom haha)

  6. Rebellious Bride - MICAApril 3, 2012 at 11:07 PM

    -via facebook-

    Super cute no? I'm not a mom yet but I was naaliw sa concept ng invite :)

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    i love ittt!!! :)

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    Thanks guys! Read the map, ang daming hirit ni Ben doon! =)

  9. Congratulations to Bogey, Denise and Benny :D

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    Hi RB Kai,

    Wow thanks for this.You really do care about your co-brides. It felt
    like I've been having a virtual bridesmaid ever since I wrote to you.
    And this is the kind of support every bride should have.

    Thanks again,