Rebellious Bride Sasa's Hearts Wedding

"Just a thought: the word rebellious should not be taken literally when it is linked with the word bride because the real meaning of 'rebellious' is actually in a positive sense. For me, a rebellious bride is a talented bride. It takes a lot of Courage, Creativity and Concept for a bride to be called such and be a certified one. Kudos to us especially to the masterminds, Kai and Mica! :)"

Rebellious Bride Jessa Solijon on her definition of a Rebellious Bride

First of all, we truly appreciate that Rebellious Bride Jessa pretty much captured the real essence of the term "Rebellious Bride" in a sense that we never meant for the term to be a negative and that it shouldn't be taken literally. Please girls, do not use this term very loosely. Read our definition of RB and know what it is and what it is not. We all have a responsibility to kind of elevate and uphold what an RB is--or else, all the more that the conservatives will be defensive towards us.

Second of all, I admire couples who are planning weddings outside of the country. Having experienced this myself, I know how extra difficult it is to plan and execute it especially when you are on a tight budget. That's why when Rebellious Bride Jessa shared with us her Round 1 Macau Hearts Wedding, I knew that we had to feature this in RB to serve as an inspiration for everyone facing a lot of stress and challenge during the wedding preps. 

Dear Rebellious Brides,

I am a fan of your blog because I am proud to say that I am a TRUE-BLUE REBELLIOUS BRIDE too. Why did I say so? Aside from the fact that I am the one who organized the ROUND 1 of our wedding, I am also my own makeup artist while husband is my hairstylist, I am the video editor and the one who did all the arts and crafts together with my former fiancĂ© now husband. Take note, on the day of our wedding, I still had work from 7 in the morning 'till 3pm  (wedding started at 330pm). By God's grace, I was able to make it and it was really a blast. Anyways, this is how I summarize our ROUND 1 wedding (Round 2 will exactly be 8 months after Round 1).

Rebellious Brides: What were the challenges that you faced during your wedding planning and how did you overcome it?

Jessa: Aside from the 2-week preparation for our wedding and the usual dealing regarding budget, the processing of my Certificate of Advise (the essential requirement for those who would like to get married below the age 26) was really tough for us since I am abroad and there are additional tasks needed to be accomplished or else, tying the knot will not be possible here in Macau. This came to a point for me to think of not pursuing this ROUND 1. It was just a relief when my fiance was the one who challenged me and inspired me. The next thing I knew, Mom informed us that though they faced a lot of challenges in getting signatures and authentication, everything went well and the needed papers is already in their good hands just right before the wedding. Indeed, God was just in control for this event to be possible.

RB: Why did you still work during the wedding day and what would you advice to other brides who may faced with the same situation?

Jessa: Working in the hospitality industry is very crucial particularly with time. This just means that my schedule didn't allow me to have an OFF even on our special day. Being a master of maximizing time with whatever event I have, I believed I can make it with the scheduled time and I DID. My only advise to those people who might be in my shoes in the future, you just need one word-- Determination (synonym: perseverance, willpower.. wheeew!).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Kai and Mica for being out of the ordinary individuals who inspires, motivates and encourages soon-to-be brides to be Inventive, Imaginative and Innovative in this generation of weddings. God bless you both and all the best!

 The Round 2 wedding will be just as cute as their "hearts" wedding which they fondly call "Chef met Shopaholic" -- I love the way they've termed their refreshing theme! Congratulations Jessa and Cjay and all the best on your Round 2 wedding! :)


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