Rebellious Bunch - Cherryblocks

The Rebellious Bride steps out of the norm, thinking out of the box and exploring the creativeness to make her wedding unique and incomparable. :D

Cherryblocks on their definition of a Rebellious Bride

Mica and I have been one of Cherryblocks' silent fans for quite awhile. In fact, we discovered them right after we've planned for our own weddings so instead, we've highly recommended them to one of our Wedding Agency clients Mik & Paula! (Blog on this super fun wedding very very soon!)

One look at Cherryblocks' ever-growing wicked body of work and you'll instantly know that they have their own unique streak of rebelliousness. They call it the perfect mix of surreal and the natural. When I look at their photos, I am quickly transported to another place--like a children's book, an artwork, an eerily beautiful song. The colors of their portraits swirl in perfect balance and hues, their subjects come to life with souls pouring out but with a hint of humor in their eyes. Enough about my words. Here's what I'm talking about:

"We have a non-curable passionate spirit that is reflected in our labor. Everything is an inspiration.

The realism, being surreal and the naturality of everything make us more open and inspired. This is where the creative mind conquer the black tie. This is where we create. This is Cherryblocks." --

We finally welcome Cherryblocks as the newest member of our Rebellious Bunch list. More of Cherryblocks' works soon :)

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