Road trip Prenup Session

I just love the idea and the overall tone of this road trip prenup session. There's just something naturally cool about it. No overly done cheesy poses, no overly done drama, no overly done styling, no overly done camera tricks. Just pure fun, pure groove.

Here's what Rebellious Bride Chloe had to say about their prenup:

  Hi Team Rebellious Brides,

I would like to share our prenup video by Bob Nicolas. I really think that our video is unique, as we strayed away from the usual teaser/prenup video formula. We chose our own music (not your typical love song or instrumental music you often hear in wedding teasers), and we gave Bob our vision, which basically was a road trip, feel-good type of video. Styling was done by RabbitHole Creatives. The video reflects our love for the beach and of course, our puppies. :) I hope you like it.


Thank you for sharing this with us Chloe and Jonny and congratulations to you both! :)

Video: Bob Nicolas
Styling: RabbitHole Creatives
Location: La Luz Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas


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