The Rebellious Brides' Wedding Agency Bonanza!

The Rebellious Way to Say THANK YOU
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As we usher in our first year anniversary (it's on July 18th), we are coming out with lots and LOTS of surprises for everyone! Two things that we really want to focus on and celebrate for our anniversary are first: spreading the love and our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us by returning it back to you with meaningful gifts. Second of all, we want to show you guys our commitment that innovation and rebellion in our blog will just keep getting crazier and crazier in the form of a series of videos that you guys just have to watch out for!

So let's start the celebration with........THE WEDDING AGENCY BONANZA! A newly engaged couple will get a chance to win a Full Consultancy Package of our Wedding Agency Service!!! Hooray! 

Here are the mechanics:

All newly engaged couples are eligible to join regardless of location. Here's how you can join:

1. Email to us your complete entries at from June 18 - July 1, 2012. Here's what you have to send to us:
     a. Complete Names of the Couple
     b. Wedding Date
     c. Contact Details 
     d. Current location
     e. The story of the wedding proposal. Please back this up with photos and or video of the actual proposal (photos must be sent as ATTACHED email files and videos must be through Youtube or Vimeo. Photos/Videos sent via Facebook, Multiply, etc. are automatically disqualified). If the proposal documentation doesn't have a photo of you as a couple, please supplement your entry with a photo of you guys.
     f. In 5 sentences, tell us why you think you need the Wedding Agency to conceptualize your wedding?

2. Three couples are going to be shortlisted. You must check Rebellious Brides on July 4, 2012 to find out who are the shortlisted couples. This announcement will be done in the form of a blog entry. In this blog entry, the couple with the highest number of POSITIVE COMMENTS will ultimately win the prize!

3. The Wedding Agency will start working on your wedding concepts within the period of August-September 2012

4. This prize is not convertible to cash and non-transferrable. But if you are the couple's friend/relative/etc. and you want to submit an entry form so you can surprise them, we will be more than willing to accept your entry form as long as it is complete :)

5. The Rebellious Brides reserve the right to disqualify entries that are malicious, obscene, or negative in general. 

ENJOY! And we can't wait to receive your entries! :)

Kai & Mica

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  1. Wow! Nice one RB! :)
    I would love to join but I guess we are not qualified :(
    We have 2 weddings this in August and one in December, unfortunately we are not newly engaged caused we are married once (last year) and we don't have a documented/romantic proposal :( well I'm still hoping for 1 though :p
    Well good luck to y'all newly engaged couple out there! Enjoy Wedding Agency Bonanza! :)Happy 1st RB! :D