Cayo & Sarah's Prenup Video: The Two Dreamers

When we received this prenup video in our inbox, it definitely put a smile on my face and my heart skipped a beat. There's just nothing like positive creativity to brighten up my day.

Congratulations to Sarah & Cayo for such a STUPENDOUS prenup! Clap Clap Clap! Bravo!

Cayo+Sarah from cayo general on Vimeo.

Sarah shares:

We want to make our big day to be a celebration of possibilities, of the whimsical and the playfully imagined.

Our theme: Dreams.

So, we came up with this stop motion video of two dreamers who share one simple dream – a lifetime of waking up next to the same wonderful person every day.

The props we made entirely by ourselves (with the help of my artistic little sister). We scrounged around Chinatown and Chatuchak in Bangkok for the materials, designed the props and made a storyboard.

We shot the video on my living room floor and edited the video ourselves. :)

May you guys continue to dream! Don't forget to have some rebellious fun on your upcoming big day! :)

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