Rebellious Photography

There are photos that kind of make you go..."that's cool", or "that's beautiful", or even "goodness too much editing!". But then there are photos that make you want to know more about the story behind it. That you know the subject and the artist behind the lens are trying to make a statement. Photos that kind of stir an emotion inside of you. Being rebellious is self taught. It's not something you impose on yourself because it makes you look cool. It's organic. Same thing with photography. Rebellious Photography. The likes of Rebellious Bunch - Toto Villaruel. Let me tell you why he's the kind of photographer we'd like our readers to consider. He doesn't need to sponsor celebrity weddings. He doesn't have to overly edit photos. He doesn't have to create fancy packages. It's just really about the priceless photos he can produce.

Photography by Toto Villaruel

Toto Villaruel continually evolves and improves his craft for the better. He showcases this through his album, "The New. The Old. The VSCO." Click to view the entire set, HERE. Invest in quality photography, our dear rebellious brides. We can never stress on that too much. No matter how rebelliously creative and personal your wedding is, it will never be given justice if you get a mediocre photographer. And that's just being straight with ya folks.


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