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If you could have another wedding and money wasn't an issue, who would be your dream wedding team?

Last night, I had a dream. And I wanted to share it with all our beloved readers.

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I dreamed I was getting married...A-G-A-I-N....I can't even begin to wonder why I had a dream like that?!??

Usually, it's just the bride-to-bes who end up dreaming about weird wedding dreams because of wedding jitters...and here I am still dreaming about it. And boy was it weird. I don't wanna elaborate on the weird parts...too much information! Haha.

But in my dream though, I saw myself wearing a short white dress...and of course, a paper bouquet. Oddly enough it was in a church. I had long wavy hair, and I was late. So late in fact that the church supposedly had to make way for a mass & another wedding 'till I arrived. I wonder what this dream could probably mean other than the fact that I'm probably a wedding addict? It just seemed such a random dream because the last time I had dreams like this was in 2010....

If indeed I'd have a Round 4 wedding, I actually already have a dream team in mind. This time around, I'd probably go for Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto and Toto Villaruel (because I would want to have contrasts and two visions) Madje Lejano for my makeup, and the rest I'll probably keep the same team...Jason Magbanua with the For You Are Mine team, {etc} Handmade Goodness, and as loyal as I am, I'd still probably go for Hindy Weber Tantoco. And I'd still probably go for Amanda Tirol even if it wasn't a Bora wedding. 

Theme? I think this time I would want to have a concept that would revolve around exotic flora (real and imaginary) as collaborated w/ Teddy Manuel & The {etc} team
...mashed up with typography/ calligraphy 
as art directed by Fozzy ;)

The dream got me into thinking about short bridal gowns too. Although I am not the type to wear one but since I dreamed of it, I thought of googling about it and here are some that seemed interesting:

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Melanie Cutfield Short Wedding Dresses Gown

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Now don't get any ideas guys. I'm not about to have another wedding (although there have been several people who have been asking me and the hubb about this very same subject). I just had a dream, and so I'm playing with my imagination. That's all there is to it! A random thought :)

So to the ex-brides OR ex-grooms out there, if you could have another wedding and money wasn't an issue...I'm very curious to know who would be your dream wedding team this time around? Comment away! :)


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  1. Dream wedding:
    Destimation: Amanpulo
    Gown by Vera Wang
    Suit by Tom Ford
    Photo: mangored and metrophoto
    Video: jason magbanua and threelogy
    food by Jamie Oliver
    Music by Dave Matthews (live)

    -it will.happen