Apologies for going rogue on the blog this week dears. Work has been toxic. And considering that I always find magical time to blog despite my daily busy schedule, neglecting the blog just means work has gone to full 700% crazy. 

But despite the lag this week, it seems as though I'm just in time to report that this week has been all about the pink! And boy do we love it! 

First on our list is Mrs. Timerlake's oh-so rebelliously pretty pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown. Yahoo made a poll out of Jessica's gown and so far, 63% are saying that they are fans of pink bridal gowns because it is something different! All hail to the rebellion!

Coincidentally, my very first instinct after being wedding-free for the past few days was to visit Mangored's blog--and hey I was just right on the mark because their latest set features Rebellious Bride Ella who is donning a Vera Wang pink bridal gown! The gown was also wittingly combined with matching pink footwear not by the bridesmaids but the GROOMS MEN. How cute is that!

View the complete set:

Here are more pink bridal gown pegs that are definitely not of the debutante kind:

Gown Hindy Weber Tantoco
Gowns by Oscar De La Renta

Lady in the Attic - Amato Haute Couture
Pink Atelier Aimee Wedding Gown 
When I see colored bridal gowns twice in a row, it makes me feel giddy knowing that more and more brides are embracing their inner rebelry.

BTW, guess who else went pink ;)

Photo by J Lucas Reyes, Gown by Tadashi Shoji

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PS. Allow me to apologize in advanced if blog updates and email replies are slower than usual in the next few weeks to come guys. Work is seriously intoxicating to the nth level.

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  1. Beautiful gowns!! If I don't end up wearing a black gown, I'd wear a pink gown.