Rebellious Bunch: Rabbit Hole Creatives

Sometimes I wake up in a dreamy haze and see this little bunny in a man's suit in a hurry to go somewhere. Then I realize I am still dreaming. I am Alice. And that rabbit is about to lead me to a deep, dark hole that leads to a different kind of wonderland. One that has more grit than just whimsy. One that my mind cannot comprehend but my eyes can truly envelope and explore. 

These are the stirring emotions that led me to believe that Rabbit Hole Creatives, a group of stylists, are not merely about fashion & flimsy. 
They are deeper than the hole they dug. They are artists.

Not everyone will be ready for them. Some even cannot appreciate such revelry. Too weird, some would say. But to choose artists like these means to choose to be free AND carefree.  To not be bound by what other people say, to be free from the ordinary and to be part of a different kind of rebellion.

 Are you ready to fall into that hole with me? 

Their work is beyond out-of-the-box. They are simply out of this world. And with that, a collection of work worthy of printing and mounting on your wall.

Thank goodness for TOPAK people like these. 

Stay irreverent and rebellious, people.

<3<3<3 Mica 

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