The Bridal Entrance

I have often been asked, "What do you regret not being able to do during your wedding?"....or...."What can you advise to brides that they do on their wedding day because no one tells them to do it?" My answer to this is: make sure a friend/relative captures your bridal walk...or better yet, ask your videographer to give you a copy of the raw file of it. They may think this is tedious or an extra step--but don't you think as the bride, you deserve this?

When we featured Rebellious Bride Isoebelle's wedding, she mentioned that she picked Hoppipola for her bridal march and she insisted for their wedding aisle to have paper crane trees even if it was going to be a mega production. Because of this, we were very intrigued with her bridal entrance so we requested for a raw file of it.

BRIDAL WALK from igs films on Vimeo.

We would like to thank IGS Films & Rebellious Bride Isoebelle for indulging us with this request. And we were right to request for this raw file---as expected, the bridal walk was UNREAL! Sooooo beautiful! 

Again, props to the amazing wedding team behind this! IGS Films, Gideon Hermosa (styling), Teena Barretto (coordination), Cheetah Rivera (bridal gown), Marc Rancy (suits), Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Sensitivity Lights & Sounds, Bryon Velasquez (bridal makeup), and Jay Wee (bridal hair)

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