Rebellious Idea - Home Session

Photography by Metrophoto
How coincidental & exciting to discover this new photo shoot session when just the other day, I told the hubb I wanted a photo shoot of our interim home! And here we are today, an uber creative home session from revolutionary architect couple, Jason & Nikki Buensalido.

We are jealous of this couple actually. There, I said it. When my hubb and I got engaged, we were initially not consumed by the wedding preps--we were actually consumed with the thought of owning our very own Sophia house in Mahogany Taguig. So consumed that we visited the site for weeks and weeks, taking our parents there hoping they would buy into the idea. So consumed that I "dorkily" brought the Sophia brochure anywhere I went. But alas, we were unsuccessful to acquire our own Sophia. So today, we bring you a very special photo shoot that Jason & Nikki did w/ Metrophoto. Not only do they own a Sophia house, Jason is actually the BRAINCHILD of this groundbreaking piece of architecture.  And after they wed, Jason together with his wife Nikki (who as mentioned, happens to be an architect as well) conceptualized on how to make a home out of their Sophia.

It's such a wonderful idea to have a photo shoot of your home. It shows how from the wedding, here you are building a nest together. And it's amazing how Jason & Nikki's portfolio of photographs have unfolded. From their prenup, to their wedding, and now their home session. Everything has come full circle. Enjoy!



Photo by MangoRed


Congratulations Jason & Nikki! And ADVANCED HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY! :)



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