Poptastic Bride on Rebellious Brides: Bring-Your-Own-Awesome

How awesome is a wedding theme that revolves around awesomeness? That's right. This blog post will literally use that word a lot. So brace yourselves. 

For this month's Poptastic Bride on Rebellious Brides feature, we are taking inspiration from this awesome wedding theme coined by the awesome couple Jax & Michael called The 'BYOA'  (Bring-Your-Own-Awesome).

So let's start!

  Jax & Michael’s Eclectic 
Bring-Your-Own-Awesome Wedding
Photography: Kira Friedman of Harper Point Photography

Cynthia of PB writes: Please meet the super cool duo. According to the lovely bride, she and Mike are a “fun loving couple of crazies”. Jax is an artist and Mike is project manager for a woodworking company. They found each other on “MySpace” of all places.  (Oh the internet, what a wonderful thing!) Three short years later as they sat on the side of a hill watching Ol’ Faithful erupt, Mike proposed. Their wedding theme? It was BYOA (Bring Your Own Awesome) filled with DIY/vintage loveliness/art  and of course awesome!
What is awesome to you? In the case of Jax & Michael, having an awesome wedding meant: taking their entourage to an amusement park for a fun photo session, the bride walking down the aisle to the tune of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", serving burgers, giving away homemade jalapeno jellies, DIY napkins, and a whole lot of crazy.

Here are some tips on how to create your own BYOA wedding:

1. Opt for awesome eats - There's nothing wrong with getting a caterer but what if you are just hiring one because we've been boxed to hire one during weddings? What if you served your favorite awesome dishes instead? Quality over quantity! For a budget of P500 per head, you could mix and match dishes that you and your groom TRULY like. Here's an example of an awesome menu:

L-R: Photo Sources: weese.tumblr.com / www.clickthecity.com / ajulybride.blogspot.com
In my own imagination of a cool BYOA foodie menu, I'd go for: Crema di Zucca (Squash Soup) by Cibo (P185) +  Charlie's Fili Cheese Steak (P220) with an alternative of Shroom Sandwich (P250)  for vegetarian guests + Vanilla Sunshine by Cupcakes by Sonja (P55) = P460.00/head! That's soooo affordable compared to catered weddings where some guests even secretly complain about not liking the food. I can already smell your comments now---the oldies will complain about this unusual-so-not-classy-uncatered-menu or that this is such a hassle cuz you have to order from 3 sources. But the theme is "Bring-Your-Own-Awesome" so... 'nuff said! :)  

2Instant craftiness - not everyone has the time to DIY things. Sometimes, when you are not innately crafty it even becomes more expensive to buy materials when you are still on the "trial-and-error" stage. So why not buy into the whole crafty details by literally buying in Landmark? You want paper napkins just like how Jax & Michael had it? Landmark has printed polka dot paper napkins for only P40.00 per pack! 

I even got this chalkbaord organizer for P1,000 which you can use for your registration! No need to pay a crafter, you just have to buy it in Landmark and use it for your new home after the wedding!

3. Make time for a fun e-session PRIOR to the wedding - Jax & Michael did a quick detour and had a photo session in an amusement park prior to the wedding. We also did this for our second wedding where we had a brunch session with our friends at Cafe 1771. So why not do the same? Lest you think that you will run out of time or that it's not important, relaxing and having fun actually helps calm down the nerves! Sometimes we all get caught up in the crazy wedding preps that we forget to just take in the moment. MAKE time for this. If you make it an integral part of the wedding schedule, then you shouldn't run out of time.  And here's our suggestion on where to do it! Tentenenen!!! The very awesome.....Magnolia Flavor House! Woot! :)

The Magnolia Flavor House, Robinson's Magnolia Photo Source: itsberyllicious.com

4. An Enchanted Kingdom Wedding - One of the suggestions of RB Mica on how to have a BYOA wedding is to literally bring the wedding in Enchanted Kingdom. And why not? I researched on this very subject and found a 2009 Pat Dy EK Wedding! It's 3 years ago but I reckon this one definitely deserves a spot here in RB! :)

Photography by Pat Dy Circa 2009

 5. Find your inner awesomeness - Finally, the best way to create this theme locally is to bring out your inner awesomeness. At the end of the day, it's all about what YOU find awesome without copying someone elses mojo. 

If this were our wedding we'd probably incorporate handcrafted beers & wines from Oregon, a whole lot of plants, organic products, calligraphy/graphic art, an afternoon BBQ, MangoRed, and an eclectic dress code that will not limit anyone. So how about you? What's your own awesome wedding story?

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