Prenup Shmenup

As I've countlessly mentioned a thousand times in the blog, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of prenups, myself included. In fact, my husband and I totally scratched this idea and never had a prenup. Instead, we created a Wedding Documentary chronicling our entire wedding preps from the time of the proposal down to the very last night before the big day. Speaking of Wedding Documentary....have I shared this video in the blog? Hmmm.....but anyway back to this particular feature.

So when Geli shared with us her similar dilemma and what she eventually came up with, I couldn't help but applaud her and her fiancee for sticking to their own beliefs and doing something that felt authentic to them.

Geli Shares:

"Pre-nup photoshoots have become a staple these days, and almost everyone expects couples to do that. But as much as we want to skip that because we're both camera-shy (me, just a little), we decided to compromise and come up with something to present to the public--we did our own pre-wedding photos. :) Though we find other couple's pre-nup photos fun, it's just not our cup of tea.  

We want to like the idea of it, but pre-nup shoots look staged most of the time--I mean, we don't go picnicking in the middle of nowhere, bringing luggage, books, and SLRs on normal days--and imagining  ourselves to be in that 'staged' situation with a stranger photographer as paparazzi just makes us feel very uncomfortable. 

We're also not cheeseballs in real life to say the least, so we simply despise the concept of having to stand back to back, act like we're kissing nose to nose, lying down side by side on a random ground, and be told to project laughter so that the photographer can take a shot of our 'candid' laughing pose. 

Creative documentations of our relationship doesn't happen every day, so we made one that  was natural as possible, especially since the goal was to capture our essence as a couple."

As Geli wrote, they enjoy looking at other couples' prenups but it's just not who they are. Now don't get us wrong. If you do enjoy prenups, good for you! But it's just not for everyone and those who don't want to have one, shouldn't really feel like they are obligated to do it. 

Do you have the same dilemma? Got any ideas on alternative prenups? We've been meaning to write a piece on this very same subject. Perhaps we can add more ideas from you folks while the draft is still in the works :)


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