The Coachella Chic Wedding Preview

Whenever we present concepts to our Wedding Agency clients, we know that not all our ideas will get implemented. After all, these things are still the prerogative of the couple and we let them run away with our ideas and make it their own. So when we presented to JP + Loni a couple of months back, we wanted for them to get a Ferris wheel for their Coachella Chic Wedding---they loved it, but we never knew if it was going to really happen. 

So when I saw this on Facebook, I felt like a mother who just saw her children go to graduation with honors and everything. Slow clap. I can cry right now. 

Photo by Detalye Weddings and Events

Photo grabbed from the bride's FB
Thank you to JP + Loni for the PLEASURE of working with you. 

You guys have always been so pleasant and so kind. And THANK YOU to Detalye Weddings and Events for making this happen!

We can't wait to see the photos and videos! 

Kai & Mica

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