When Mango Red & Everywhere We Shoot Collide

Then you will have an explosive, jaw-dropping, artistic rebellion. There are no rules. You may say it's "everywhere" but their art is not merely all over the place, it is simply boundless.

I specially love how the bride humbly begs off being called rebellious and gives more credit to Mango Red. It's like being beautiful and not even knowing it:

GAROVS: Hi mica! Actually di nga rebellious tingin ko sa kasal namin eh  Nag mukha lang rebellious dahil sa adik na rebellious MangoRed Ryan haha! Dahil sa kanya lahat yang nakikitang ganda!

I disagree, Garovs. How can Mango Red ever go wrong with capturing something innately rebellious already. 

Enough chitchat. Time for the crazies to start. This is actually a delayed post. I totally did not know where to start. Everything was too cool for words. 

In no particular order (asa pang may order!), here goes:

One of their many prenup artworks. This one was made by Tokwa PeƱaflorida.

Artwork by Apol Sta. Maria, Sculpture by Leeroy New.

Artwork by Tokwa, Costume/Ensemble by Leeroy New

Rebellious Coaster Ride

Those gowns...wow.

A Leeroy New and Cake Tree Collaboration

A Rabbit Hole Creatives styling masterpiece

Art x Style Everywhere on Every Guest
And because we could not contain so much coolness in one blog, here's more from where these came from:

Click here to view more. Please watch all the videos as well! They are awesome and so UNwedding-y! Mango RedEverywhere We Shoot

Okay, one more photo before this ends:

Andy Warhol Cupcakes by OC's Kitchen

Photography by Mango Red
Event Coordination: The Best-Case Scenario Events
Prenup + Wedding Styling: RABBITHOLE Creatives
Gown & Entourage: MICH DULCE x BLEACH Catastrophe
Videography: RedSheep PhotoCinema & Jason Magbanua
Makeup: Sam Unson-Gallardo | Entourage Makeup: Angie Cruz
Hair: Creations by Lourd Ramos | Photobooth > BaiCapture
L a y o u t _ D e s i g n > > >

logos 2

*Insert Standing Ovation here*

Thank goodness for rebellious people like these. Our existence is not deemed futile. Hooray for rebellious weddings!!!

<3<3<3 Mica

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