Heath's Personalized Proposal

"I've always found it interesting that I know you both, but from different times in my life - small world! I think what you guys are doing is awesome and I've been (secretly) following your blog for over a year now.

The good news is, I don't have to keep it a secret anymore because I'm getting married. Yay!

I just wanted to share Heath's proposal with you because I'm very proud of how he made it so personal and unforgettable. I was thinking this could be good inspiration for the boys - something out of the box, personalised, simple, sincere and super inexpensive.

Heath and I haven't been together for a very long time (1 year and 9 months now) but we've always been sure that we want a long future together. In fact, we've spoken about getting married and hypothetically discussed what we wanted that day to be like, so in a way we both knew that he was going to ask me eventually and I would say yes.

I guess this put more pressure on Heath to find a way to surprise me and make the proposal extra special and unforgettable.

And his perfectly personal proposal definitely swept me off my feet!

I was in Sydney for work for a couple of days and when I came home, this is what welcomed me:

First there was a note by the front door welcoming me home, asking me to leave my bags by the door, freshen up and get comfortable. He said that when I'm ready, I should meet him in the lounge room for his 'first exhibit'. (On a side note, Heath reads comics and likes to draw and I have always tried to bully him into putting up an exhibit, or selling his work but he would always refuse). Anyway, back to my story…

At this point, I knew exactly what was going to happen and I was starting to freak out. I remember thinking that it's a good thing that I had my nails done earlier that week but really bad timing that I was wearing lawn bowling clothes from the office event earlier that day. For some reason I didn't think of changing my clothes. Super aligaga na ako that I just wanted to find out what he had planned.

I walked to the lounge room door and screamed through it, "What's going on in there??? You're freaking me out!!!"

He opened the door and I saw he was wearing his suit and heard he was playing one of the Feist albums in the background. I SHOULD HAVE CHANGED MY CLOTHES!!! Too late now…

I walked in and on the wall I found 12 A2 sheets of paper stuck on it. As soon as I realised what it was, I started crying. He had drawn a comic of our story - how we met, how we got together and what it has been like since. It was obviously a condensed version but he captured the best details and moments that I was laughing and crying the entire time I was reading it. I think I must have read it 3x because I was too nervous to find out what was at the end of it.

The last page on the wall read: and that is why, with no hesitation nor fear, the boy for the second time in his life, manned up and said four little words…

He turned me around to face the opposite wall, and then there it was. On the wall, another drawing of a big ring that said: will you marry me?

He said "Mahal kita" and gave me a box and got down on his knees. At this point I told him he's not begging me so he really shouldn't be on both knees, just one. Hahaha. And I said yes.

I could not have imagined a better proposal. He made it truly ours and no one else can have that kind of proposal. No fancy restaurants, no hot air balloons, no rings hidden in desserts. The moment was exactly about what mattered the most: US.

Hope you enjoyed my story. If it ends up on the site, I would be very happy. If not, I'm just as proud of Heath and the sincere thought and effort he put into making it one of the best surprises of my life.

Now to plan the wedding!!"



Congratulations on your engagement Angel & Heath! It's such a small world indeed! We hope that you will find an "e-sanctuary" in the form of our blog as you go through the motions of your happy wedding preps. We can't wait to feature your wedding :)

Kai & Mica 

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