The Rebellious Family Wedding

When MangoRed flags us on their latest wedding photo set, we know it's always the perfect fit for RB---even if we haven't seen it yet. And once we do, it excites us like two little crazy kiddos haha! That's just how much we trust the gang to give us something we can sink our teeth into.

With a name like "Pancho and Cha-Cha " the newest MangoCouple to ever grace the blog are as charming, witty, and creative as their names. Their wedding was all about family. And lest you think this is of a traditional family wedding kind, think again!

Congratulations to Pancho & Cha-Cha! :)

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Credits as written by the Bride
On-the-day-coordination: the amazing team of Christine Ong-Te (special thanks to Gelo Nadonga!)
Bride’s gown: Pronovias (Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique)
Hair and Makeup (bride and mothers of the groom and bride): the beautiful and no-nonsense Lindsay Co-Alog
Entourage hair and makeup: Stephanie and the team from John Matthews (special thanks to matron of honor Jernine Kim for her epic organizational skills)
Flowers and event styling: the cuddly magician, Teddy Manuel
Invitations: an epic collaboration between Printsonalities, Blue Rain Multimedia, and the bride and groom (a big special thanks to Joses Israel, who did a massive amount of art and laying out)
Misalette: designed by the bride and groom, printed in Tarlac, Tarlac
Cake: The Cake Artist (we will miss you, Batch Uson)
Bridal Car: Don Robert
String Quartet: the young, fresh, and supercool Manila String Machine (everyone loved them)
Lights and Sounds: the impressive ‘High Impact’ (amazing job, Mark Tan!)
Photography: sprinkled with fairy dust, filled with beer and good cheer, and possessors of big, wonderful hearts–MANGORED (thank you!)
Videography: the massively talented, cheerful, and well-oiled team of Mayad Studios (special thanks to Carmela Dy Hubag for such a heartfelt on-the-day video, it made everyone cry)
Reception Venue: Antonio‘s (a big shout out to the incredible Miss Johna and her staff, who worked their butts off to give everyone a fantastic dinner experience)
Church: Chapel of Transfiguration, Caleruega
Toy soldiers, scuba divers, cowboys and indians, gnomes, and various plants, animals, and weird little objects: bought in during several trips to Divisoria by the bride and groom, spray painted by the bride and groom, Mary Velmonte, painters at FRDC building (and tagged by the bride and matrons of honor Lucinda Rosenqvist and Jernine Kim, with special thanks to Carlo Sawit, Joanna Reyes and Sadoux Kim for helping us organize the animals at the 11th hour and buying us coffee to keep us awake while we tagged them)
Giveaways: drawn and painted by the bride, laid out by the groom and the the good peeps of Blue Rain Multimedia (special thanks again to Joses Israel, and for the organizing skills of Chino and Gela Esguerra and Des Torres. Many sleepless nights together).
Teepee: concept by the bride and groom, executed even better than the concept by Nina Urbino (cousin of the groom)
Cafe bulbs in the garden: care of the groom
Taka-decorating kit (paper mache horses): Takatak project founder Mary Velmonte (a bridesmaid)
Personalized Tote Bags and giftwrapping for ninong and ninang gifts: bridesmaid Jac Colmenares of (maker of hand-crafted dolls)
Additional suppliers: Flipbook, Pose and Print
DJ: Joey Santos, aka DJ Floordestroyer (cousin of the groom)
Master of ceremonies behind the awesome after-party in which everyone danced and got so massively wasted, they forgot where they were: Carlo Sawit (brother of the bride)
Vocalist at the mass and during the reception: Clifton Sawit (kuya of the bride)
Magical Brownies: bride and groom’s cousins
Childhood Video presentation: the groom and BluRain Multimedia (again, many sleepless nights together).


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