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  "Sapphire sea, an endless blue sky, the scent of sweet flowers drifting on the breeze, and a girl dreaming of her lover. Dutch born Victorian artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema painted scenes of languid beauties reminiscent of Roman deities, but his subjects are unmistakably human. Caught in a moment of relaxation or idle daydream…we can almost feel the cool marble and the warm Mediterranean sunlight. Elements of precious embellishment, sun drenched color and effortless luxury set the stage for our modern goddesses."  -- ClairePettibone.Com

 Claire Pettibone's Earthly Paradise Bridal Collection has taken my breath away. She brings out so much color and life into the usual white bridal gown! Is it so weird that I feel so much worldly emotions just by looking at her creations? 

Designer Claire Pettibone shares:  

"When I design a collection I strive to make a woman feel as special as the delicate creation she is wearing; take her to a enchanted time and place where women are princesses and magnificent goddesses. In today's modern world we need to pause and indulge in beauty.... 

It has always been my desire to create exquisite feminine clothing using the finest fabrics and precious details; to combine a vintage feeling with modern style. 

Claire Pettibone / Source:
In 1994, with the partnership of my husband Guy Toley, we began. Over the years, it has been a joy to see our collections carried in the finest boutiques in the world. I have a very romantic vision of how fashion can enhance our beauty and indulge our dreams. I invite you to share that dream."

I got a little curious on who the "real-life Claire Pettibone brides" are and here's what I discovered:

Photography by Andrew Weeks /
Brea Photography edited by Tim Craft /
  Claire defines her brides as: "Intelligent, independent, feminine. All ages, all body types, but the common thread is wanting a gown that touches her soul and is utterly romantic"Read more at
Photo by Elizabeth Messina /

Claire Pettibone is also a favorite among wedding artists collaborating on their own workshops and here are some of my favorite photos:
pictures by This Modern Romance /
Love My Dress Wedding Blog - Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Jess Petrie

Oh THANK YOU Ms. Claire for bringing so much 'anti-white', 'white w/ a twist' bridal rebelry for us to behold! 


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