One-Year-in-the-Making UP Life Prenup

Photography by Whimboy Echavez
Having a prenup shoot is a lot of work...imagine doing it for a YEAR! Phew! But Christine and Von didn't just want the University of the Philippines to be their backdrop for their prenup--they actually wanted to integrate the real UP life. And so it began that they had to have a 4-part shoot so that they can really weave in actual UP events into their concept. 

Christine shares: " We love staying at the University so much - not to mention this is where it all started so the twist is to know the exact dates of the exact UP events for 2012, in this case: 1) UP Fair; 2) Actual enrollment (our enrollment is manual and even though it's the year 2012, everything is done through long lines, etc - which is why it's the best!); 3) Actual commencement exercises (shot with actual graduates); 4)  Normal UP Day (streetfood, known landmarks, UP Ikot and UP toki, Laboratory shots) So for four shoots, we went to each of these events and shot in the middle of all the chaos of people who are well, really there for the actual events themselves. 

 It was a loooong year of prenups not to mention we were also working our day jobs and preparing for the wedding - but it's the best part of the preps. One we would take away in memories and pictures and we were extra lucky because when we pitched it to our chosen photographer, Whimboy Echavez, he was super game!!! :) He's one amazing photographer (now friend) who really did caught our dream on camera. It was nostalgic not just shooting in UP but reliving these special moments in these events."

Whimboy Echavez wrote in his blog: "I didn’t hesitate and I was just as excited as them.I knew the project would be a difficult one since it would take such a long time to do. But I guess, patience is a virtue and after a year, I’m sharing you their life in UP." 

 Congratulations Christine & Von! To view the complete set, CLICK HERE

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