Inspired Wedding Colors

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Inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes when you get too overwhelmed with wedding info and you feel like everything you are seeing are becoming identical to each other, it's  better to look at 'un-wedding' pegs. Take for example Real Living's February 2013 Color Issue. I think that the color combinations that they suggested are so refreshing and exciting! And it can definitely be applied to weddings! These color mixes are so moving that you don't even need a theme anymore! Here are some of my favorites:

 Cobalt Blue + Aqua + Lavender + Purple 
= Blissful Beach or Gorgeous Gardens
L-R: Color combo lifted from from Real Living Feb. 2013 / Lavender Fields Art by Angela Ungren
"Blues and Violets are the colors typically used for relaxation...but far from the usual calm hues, this color scheme of cobalt blue / plum / indigo / lavender are a pleasant joy to the senses. Balance darker hues with light and dainty pastel colors to keep them from overpowering spaces..." -- Real Living February 2013. 

How delightful it is to see a bride frolicking in the sand donning a cobalt blue gown with an all-lavender bouquet?

This color combination reminds us of lavender fields, deep blue seas, and the riviera. RB recommends using this color palette for beach or garden weddings.

Blue + Teal + Lemon Yellow 
= Regal Raindrops
L-R: Elie Saab Teal Gown / Color combo lifted from from Real Living Feb. 2013

"A rich hue like peacock blue or teal adds cool yet classic balance this color, try bringing in lemon yellow or warm shades such as gold, bronze, or brown accessories" -- Real Living February 2013

 This color palette reminds us of  lazy days featuring intimate private parties with a classic but humorous touch. RB recommends using this  for rainy Manila weddings to turn an otherwise gloomy weather into something regal yet cheery.

Add teal & yellow lamps, Accessorize with citrine jewelry

Fuchsia + Royal Blue + Earth Tones 
= Chocolatey Holidays

Magazine page lifted from Real Living Feb. 2013

"Bright pink...might come across as too girly, but not if you add texture...Juxtapose the pink's brightness with a darker shade of blue." -- Real Living February 2013

Props to the bride who can pull off a delicious chocolate brown gown a'la Angelina Jolie's Versace

This color palette reminds us of indulgent chocolates and bling, bling holidays. RB recommends using this color combo for a December/January wedding

Punctuate and splurge with a blue diamond ring. "Something blue" never looked this shiny!

Magazine page lifted from Real Living Feb. 2013
Which color combo do you love the most? This is just a teaser of all the yummy colors and paint ideas that RL came up with this month! To discover more colorful tips, buy Real Living's February 2013 Issue! CLICK HERE to get the DIGITAL VERSION now! :)

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