Rebellious Oscars Idea

Just like many, many other ladies in the world, I am not shy to admit that I love the anticipation of finding out the wonderful gowns the A-List Hollywood celebs are gonna be wearing in the red carpet.  But I may have found the best, most rebellious one ever worn. Not because of the fancy designer, and not because of the outlandish details...simply put, I love this because this celebrity didn't mind going against the flow by wearing an H&M gown. Yes folks. As in...H&M.
(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

My matron-of-honor could attest to the fact that I always, always recommend for brides to buy in H&M for their entourage dresses to save on costs. And FINALLY, someone made a stand on this, and I love Helen Hunt for it. The best part is, Helen Hunt didn't just do this to be "cool". She did this because she wanted to show support of H&M's efforts in becoming more socially responsible by pursuing Eco-friendly efforts.

Let this be an inspiration, that taste and style can come from anywhere. And you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve this.

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