Once Upon A Discovery

Photography by Mark Cantalejo / Special "Storybook Write-Up" by the Rebellious Brides in honor of a very special couple

Every story has a Leading Man. And here's the story of this one...

Once upon a time, there lived a brilliant boy who was fascinated with science and technology. While most school boys played with toys, he was already working on transmissions. He was what anyone would call, a "wiz kid". 

Years had passed and he was at the top of his game. As he grew up to become a dashing man who seemed to be destined for even greater things in his land, he felt that something was lacking. This is how our story begins. A man of science, looking for his greatest discovery. In the hopes that he will finally find fulfillment and contentment. In the hopes that he will find a breakthrough.

With his trusty ingenious gadgets, he searched far and wide. During his journey he found wondrous places and things that could help with his research. Mystical mountains and natural wonders that could very well unearth meteorological or gemological finds....

...but none seem to have made an impact on him until...

...the brilliant man saw a vision! A vision of a sea princess. He needed to rub his eyes just to make sure that he wasn't just imagining things. 

The Sea Princess was a myth (or so he thought). A myth about a beautiful princess who was once cursed by an evil witch. That she was to wander around the sea like a white vision and can only appear as her real self 'till the love of her life discovers her. When the timing was right. When fate and her lucky stars would finally favor her. The Sea Princess looked at her hands and touched her face. "Oh dear. Could this be?!?! The curse must be wearing off!", The Sea Princess thought to herself.

As a man of science, our Leading Man didn't want to believe this myth and in what he was seeing right now. The Sea Princess' smile seemed to melt him and he couldn't understand how this was possible! It could not be calculated! It couldn't be answered by anything he had ever believed in before. And his heart began to thump, then suddenly his heart softened. And for the first time, he had no logical explanation for this. A phenomenon. And indeed, a discovery.

One was a romantic, and grew up cursed by magic. One was of reason, and grew up fascinated with technology. They couldn't have been more different. But whence they first met, they couldn't live without each other anymore.

As the Sea Princess felt more loved each day, color seemed to appear in her life. You see, this is another sign that the curse is almost finally lifted from her. For she was supposed to be just a white vision, only to appear for good once true love discovers her, and now....she seems to transform full of life and color.

Even our man of science seemed to be transforming with lots of smiles and full of joy in his eyes. "Why, you are turning into a prince charming, sir!" the Sea Princess teased our Leading Man.

They wanted to be like this forever. But then, traces of the curse were still inside the Sea Princess. For her to be 'real' for good, her true love must marry her in a special island, in exactly a precise date, before the sun sets, and to be sealed with true love's kiss.

As they stood there, opposing tides on their feet, they knew what had to be done. And they knew that they will do whatever it takes to fight for their love. "This is my breakthrough. You are my breakthrough", the Brilliant Man--a Prince Charming on his own, promised the Sea Princess.

Will the Sea Princess' curse finally be completely removed by her true love? Will our Leading Man be able to forever keep his breakthrough so that he can finally feel fulfilled and contented? To be continued...

Dingdong & Kathleen 
in Once Upon A Discovery

Photography by Mark Cantalejo
Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz (Kate Bautista & Karis Reyes)
Hair & Makeup by Bombee Bartolome of Beauty & The Bee
 Couture Headpiece by Jannie Baltzer Copenhagen

On Location: Capones, Anawangin / Camara Islands

The Wedding Agency by The Rebellious Brides

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