Bette + Johnvic's Kate-Audrey-Ronac MashUp Wedding

Photography by Thinking Chair
  As they say, there are different ways to skin a cat, and that couldn't be truer than Rebellious Bride Bette & Johnvic's quirky wedding. The Ronac Art Center has been a popular venue for prenups and weddings these days, yet B & J's wedding is definitely unique on its own. And that's one of the beauties of having a wedding in a thriving museum right? The backdrops can change depending on what's being showcased. And with a wedding theme inspired by Kate Spade & Audrey Hepburn, one can just imagine the colors and the quirkiness that can come out of this brilliant idea! So what if Kate met Ronac, who met Audrey? This will probably how it would look like :)

RB Bette shares:
"I like it fun, colorful, playful and classy at the same time!;) 
The colors we chose were fuchsia pink, black and leaf green!
My wedding theme was 1950's- Audrey Hepburn- Kate Spade inspired;)"

"Don't tell anyone about your ideas because some might find it weird or unusual which may lead you to have second thoughts or worse not do it at all! Just go for it! Surprise your guests!!!" -- Bette

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