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I am not a shoe person (must be because I hoard makeup instead). So the idea of buying an expensive pair for my wedding wasn't quite appealing to me. But I caved in and bought Melissa shoes (still not as expensive as branded ones though). Up to now, I have only used it twice. Specially because I had a child right away and the idea of carrying her in 5-inch heels is just plain ridiculous and downright dangerous for clumsy me. 

Now, if I have discovered shoe clips early on, I would have bought a more sensible pair. Because it seems like you can buy the plainest shoes and make it look brilliant with them shoe clips!

I first discovered them when I was helping my sister look for accessories for her wedding that was gem-stoned theme. Hidden among the jewellery rack was what looked like giant earrings. Turned out they  can be clipped on shoes or bags. Amazing! So my sister opted to buy simple, nude peep toes in Call It Spring (just around 1k+) and use the bejewelled clips. Practical and reusable and looks super glam in photos as well :)

Photo by We Do It For Love

Found these amazing hand-crafted shoe clips from Etsy:
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You can also use the clips on bags, on clothing, on your hair or just to amp up your jewellery like my mom did:

What a crafty invention, right? Plus, you can DIY your own clips for your wedding. Be creative, rebellious brides ;)

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  1. Amazing shoe clips .. I would surely love to get all of them for me.... Please suggest me how could i buy them?