Rebellious Couple Ryan & Kitin's 'Untemplated' SDE

Time and time again, couples fall into the trap of relying on their photographers/videographers to make their wedding look unique/dramatic/epic. What couples don't realize is that your team is simply reflecting back what you are giving to them. It's a duet. It's a tango. It's creative collaboration. And Ryan & Kitin's SDE is a great example of that. I absolutely love this video. It is part Bob Nicolas but part Ryan & Kitin. Ultimately, that's what makes this video rebellious and charming. The best part is that the groom has equal billing--maybe even more billing haha. But it's a refreshing take. After all, it's not just the bride who is getting married!

Watch out for the additional incredible details that the video captured--don't you guys just love how their wedding logo is so unique? That instead of the usual initials, they played on the fact that Ryan tiptoes? And what about that reception entrance? Loving all the twists! :)

Ryan and Kitin from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.
Ryan shares:

"We wanted an SDE that will be different from all the others that we have seen. Of course each video is unique in their own way since each couple is different but we wanted to change the usual format a little bit. We wanted a traditional wedding but at the same time, put twists in the highlights. When we met with Bob, I was hesitant to pitch to him my concept because seeing the portfolio of his excellent videos, I was not sure if he would like what we have planned. Surprisingly, he was laughing when he heard what we wanted to happen and he got excited. He said that he thinks it was the first time this kind of SDE will be done and he is more than willing to shoot it for us. Hence, the result. We wanted to show in this video how being funny can be sweet at the same time. :)"

Congratulations Ryan & Kitin! May your marriage be as refreshing as your wonderful wedding! 

Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Wedding Coordinator/s: Sigrid Aromin & Aileen Zarraga Acosta / Hair and Make Up: E.J. Belen Litiatco / Bridal Gown: Cecilio Abad / Entourage Gowns: Mila de Leon  / Groom's Suit: JC Buendia / Flowers: Love in Bloom, Jocelyn Laguna / Invitation: Printsonalities / Bridal Car: R33 / Our Awesome Magician: Mr. Kent Oliver V. Estrada

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