Sunshiney Entourage Looks
It's time to retire the "long gown competition", don't you think? It's very 80s and 90s. And with this crazy unpredictable hot weather that we are having, long gowns only seem practical during the 'ber' months. But even then, there's so many other ways to reinvent the entourage looks. I remember my own church wedding last June 2011. It got sooooo humid that my poor entourage and guests were melting away--even those who were already wearing jersey short dresses got irritated with the weather! So much so that some guests decided not to go to the reception because they weren't feeling well. That's just the reality of it. Should you insist on long gowns just because it's what you want or what society thinks is appropriate? 

There's a thin line between having it your way during your wedding day VS the practical things that need to decided on. So we say update the entourage look! Short dresses are more fun, more practical, and even more cost efficient! You might think that it's too casual for your wedding but then again, why insist on the formalities when it doesn't even have anything to do with the wedding essentials? Here are some ideas that we like! 

Kate Spade brings out so much pops of color! 
Theia White actually showcased picnic and beach styled outfits for Bridal Spring 2014.
Short dresses can still look formal depending on your choices of fabrics! 
The long and short of it is, whatever length you choose for your entourage gowns, always go for what is tasteful and what fits your girls individually. Don't decide on a look that only flatters majority of your girls or what you think is cute. Each body type and even skin type is unique and is flattered differently. Listen to your entourage and make them feel pretty. If you can't seem to agree on a look, then just let them wear their own clothes. Pick your battles and move on to the other aspects of your wedding preps. 


"Style Me Pretty"

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