RB Goes Gatsby Part 3 of 3

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation
Grooming & Styling by Madge Lejano
"You're worth the whole damn bunch of them." 
-- Nick Carraway says to Gatsby.

Determined, passionate, charismatic, lived life to the fullest, and a fine taste in shirts. Qualities of the Great Gatsby. Was there any other choice for this role?

CREDITS: Jacket Suit, Inner shirt, Vest, Pants - Jun Escario / Bow Tie - Maco Costudio / Shoes - Louis Vuitton

It's no secret that Jason Magbanua is not only the best wedding filmmaker out there but also the best dressed. So credit here is due to the model's own wardrobe collection! (Jacket: John Vervatos / Inner shirt: Pink Checkered H&M / Pink Bowtie: Maco Costudio / Pants: Nudie / Shoes: Colehaan, Look 4: Jacket: Paul Smith / Yellow inner shirt: Calvin Klein / Beige Vest: Forever 21 / Hat: Sm department store / Pants: Uniqlo / Belt: Goyard / Shoes: Paul Smith / Jacket Suit & Pants - Paul Smith / Blue Inner Shirt - Calvin Klein / White Vest: Forever21 /Tie: "346" Brooks Brothers)

Maco Costudio Bowties

CREDITS: Jacket Suit, Inner Shirt, Vest, Pants - Joey Samson / Bow Tie - Maco Costudio / Shoes - Ben Sherman / Boutonnieres by Candidly Pretty 

This final feature on our RB goes Gatsby special coincides with the grand reveal of Jason's latest offering. And we wanted to give it its own highlight as well:

Jason writes: 

"Years ago, when I was starting out, I asked a lot of questions. Why can't wedding films be more moving, entertaining, arresting and involving? We pursued those questions - refining technique, defining approach and telling better stories... Much credit of course goes to the designers – EVERYWHERE WE SHOOT for putting this together. And putting up with me. The main box is a double gatefold. The inside left contains the disc format of the final video. The center slots contain additional disc copies.The inside right holds our premium USB key containing the data versions. All embedded within our mantra, our code of filmmaking. In one of the folds are representations of who I am and what I do – a curated gallery of material objects. They don’t define me as a person. They are merely products of my personality.Everything is contained in a sleeve....Show it off. Be proud. Many aspire. Very few acquire." -- www.jasonmagbanua.com/blog/

The End.


So much love, talent, hard work, sacrifice, and generosity went into the entire Gatsby shoot. It all started with a simple email from Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation that had a simple request: to collaborate on features for the blog. 

L-R: Carlo Cecilio, Teddy Manuel, Ryan Madamba, Amanda Tirol, Madge Lejano, RB Kai & Cy / Another pic of Madge with Amanda and Ryan Madamba
Each and every person who contributed--from Amanda flying all the way from Boracay, to Mich de Guzman squeezing in the time to do illustrations in between layouts for her day job, to Teddy Manuel and Koni Esteban for crafting special pieces for the shoot, to Madge for incredibly styling, pulling out, and creating each and every look, to Ryan Madamba, Clayton, Jun Escario, Joey Samson, Maco Costudio for allowing us to shoot their masterpieces, to Jason taking out of his crazy schedule to do some poses (and allowing us to shoot in his fine office at that) --every person who was part of this honestly, didn't have to go through all the trouble. Yet everybody did. It makes us want to move forward and continue building this amazing community. 

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