REBELations: Lessons from Calvin & Hobbes

As part of our rebellious mission, once in a while we will post non-wedding things that will inspire you, lift you up or make your planning a tad easier. We call this REBELations, short for rebellious inspirations. And to start with, we're quoting from one irreverent little child and his fun-loving tiger friend. Like them, may your curiosity and zest for life stay chid-like even if it's time to grow up 
and get married.

This post is dedicated to those who are in the midst of the hoola-baloo that is wedding planning.

So you're in the middle of wedding planning and the stress is eating you up. Pressures coming from friends and family (and strangers) seem to choke and provoke you. Traditions and superstitions are imposed. It's tough enough to maintain relationships, you have to juggle both work and wedding preparations. It can just be exhausting. BUT only if you let it be.


Take a pause, step back and see the bigger picture that is your wonderful union with this amazing person. And while you're at it, have lots & lots of awesome FUN ;)

As my godfather Mon J said during our engagement brunch, "Relax. It's just a wedding."

From Calvin & Hobbes' 10 life lessons, here are some applicable to your upcoming wedding day: 


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