The Wedding Agency: Kathleen & Dingdong

Dingdong + Kathleen: A Romantic Discovery from buterflye on Vimeo.
Photo grabbed from Madge Lejano

We'd like to formally congratulate one of our Wedding Agency couples Kathleen & Dingdong for finally tying the knot in Shangri-La, Boracay! 

While we impatiently wait for the official photos, we'd like to share with you guys some of the elements of their wedding. 

A Modern Fairytale...

When K&D first briefed us, it was quite clear that Kathleen was the romantic one and Dingdong was the more techie one. At the heart of their wedding was that it was going to be a modern fairytale--the best way to describe how Kathleen & Dingdong perfectly blended together as one heart & soul. But since it was a fairytale, it needed a title. A title that literally went through an evolution of sorts. In the end, while finalizing venue locations for their prenup, Kathleen herself had an epiphany of naming their fairytale as a "Romantic Discovery" and the rest you could say, was happily ever after. 

Photo on the right grabbed from the couple's friend Kristine
Illustration by The Fozzy Book

The Fairytale/Romantic  part of it represented the bride. While the Modern/Discovery part of it represented the groom. A lot of the design elements were inspired by the modern Rapunzel fairytale 'Tangled'. It was definitely not the usual Boracay wedding elements that we've been used to. 

Taken on the actual morning of the wedding day - The most beautiful omen you could possibly have during your wedding is a rainbow- indeed, this day was a going to be a fairytale to remember! (Photo grabbed from the couple's friend Love)
From peg to the actual output, the invitations were inspired by the TV Series Revenge 
The bride's Rapunzel/Tangled inspired, Cary Santiago Gown
The bride loves sunsets--the wedding palette was inspired by it! The second beautiful omen of the day arrived before the reception - from Rainbows to Sunsets, it was as if God himself was celebrating with the couple that day.  (Photo grabbed from the couple's sister Zarah)

The couple didn't want their wedding to look like the usual Boracay wedding. So the bride looked to the illuminating lights that was a signature look of the modern fairytale 'Tangled' for inspiration. 
The modern, techie groom made sure he had his own vibe to be ever-present in the wedding too. Hence, the metallic and techie touches.

Kathleen & Dingdong will always be special to us. I can still remember how, during the first week into our servicing period with Kathleen we were able to establish a teamwork with her. By the end of the week we had her wedding date down (not an easy task if you have popular suppliers), got her pencil booked with Amanda Tirol, Nelwin Uy, Mark Cantalejo, and Cary Santiago; and eventually got Fozzy, Badang Rueda, VDJ JT Rius, Madge Lejano, Mel Orlina, and Lifestyle by Feliz on board. 

We'd like to personally congratulate the awesome team of Mayad for capturing Kathleen & Dingdong's Romantic Discovery wedding exactly how the couple envisioned their blissful wedding would be like. Watching the wedding film literally brought us back to when we were still making K+D's walkthrough. Bravo! 

Congratulations to our princess and prince charming! More to come soon from Mark Cantalejo and Nelwin Uy. But in the meantime, let's watch the photo slideshow from Nelwin :)

Dingdong+Kathleen : Photo SDE by Nelwin Uy from buterflye on Vimeo.

Lots of love from Kai & Mica :)

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  1. Kathleen and DingdongJune 11, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    -via gmail-

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I love that you brought me back to the time of our planning days. It amazes me how we almost got every detail right from planning to execution.. as in almost! From the invites, to the gown, to the illumination :) :) :)

    Really contented with the turn out of our wedding! And it all started with the things that we came up with at the drawing board! So thankful to your duo for everything!

    We couldn't ask for more. :)

    Much love,
    Kathleen & Dingdong

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