Rebellious Bunch: The Blacktieproject

Photography by The Blacktieproject 
"Rebellious brides are not your average brides. They go beyond their own expectations. They're made of sugar, spice and everything in between. These brides want more than just a sweet wedding cake, they want it mouth-watering. These brides want more than just a long white wedding dress, they want it apart from the ordinary and something they can call their own, representing their identity as a woman. These brides want more than just ringing bells, flying doves, golden rings and balloons, they want fireworks. Rebellious brides know exactly what they want and how they want to do it."

-- The Blacktieproject on their definition of the Rebellious Bride
We will be honest with you guys because our readers deserve nothing but honesty. We are NOT fans of getting one group to do the photo/video. We think it's very lazy to do this as a default and it is a marketing tactic for you to think that you are getting your money's worth. We also think that just because a team can do both, doesn't mean they can do it good. So to be honest, we barely recommend consolidation---we don't---EXCEPT for one group. EXCEPT for The Blacktieproject. 

QABIL / AYLA [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

We don't know them personally, mind you. But whether it's just for photography or for photo+video, we always recommend them to our clients as an option. Why? Because based on our own research, own evaluation, and based on previously featured brides in the blog, they are worth it. Not only do they do both photo and video superbly well, but they are highly professional. And for that, we think that it's about time they've landed our Rebellious Bunch List. The works that we've curated here is a testament to the beautiful work that Blacktie does. There was no particular order in how we put it here. We just basically got all our favorite works. But somehow this turned out very cohesive...maybe because their work itself is consistently well done, from one love story to another. 

"By definition our style is classy and contemporary. Our team is composed of individuals who have their own styles. These naturally talented people are entitled to the world of artistic freedom and not required to fit into a mould. What makes us different? We don't underestimate anything. For us, everything must be exemplary work. Getting into the details is one thing, getting into the details with heart and soul is something." -- The Blacktieproject

BRIAN / CHESKA [prenup video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

We are equally passionate about pushing for the talents that we truly believe in just as much as we are passionate with the kind of wedding belief systems that we write about in the blog. And with that being said, we are happy to welcome The Blacktieproject into our Rebellious Bunch List. 

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