A Quirky Civil Wedding

"...make no mistake, even though this was a small and low-key wedding, it was still an awesome celebration of their love." -- Noel Salazar, Quirky Creatives
Photography by Quirky Creatives

We always feel like we are the defenders of civil weddings, just because it becomes soooooo annoying that in this culture that we are in, there is a stigma that civil weddings are not official in the eyes of God, or whatever other judgmental silly reasons others have come up with. In the other parts of the world, a wedding, is a wedding, is a wedding. Regardless where or how it is officiated, it is an official ceremony and one that is just as important and as beautiful as all the others. Take for example my three weddings. Do you know who made the most moving, most memorable ceremony we've had? Not the priest, not the pastor...it was ELVIS. Yes, the Vegas Elvis impersonator. 

It is after all, LOVE that is being celebrated above all things and that has nothing to do with whether you are having your wedding in the Vatican or in a beach front. That's why we love how Quirky Creatives created a unique concept for Russell and Rachel's civil wedding--that they took it a step further to make the couple's wedding photos as unique and as special as it should be. Enjoy!

Congratulations Russell and Rachel! And may your love and marriage always shine through, just like your awesome wedding! :)

Photography | Quirky Creatives
Make-up | Rae Venturanza-Salazar
Bridal Gown | Debbie Co
Preps | Manila Peninsula
Ceremony | Supreme Court, Manila
Reception | Chateau 1771, Greenbelt

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  1. There's nothing wrong with civil weddings. I had one in Singapore and I love it. I just want to say to couples who wants to go for it...just do it!