Cath & Liam's Wakeboarding Save-the-Date

"Wakeboarding is one of the things 
that define us as a couple." -- Rebellious Bride Cath

Liam and Cath | Save the Date from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.


1. The couple wasn't planning on having a save-the-date video. But because of Ian Cruz' own proactive initiative, we are now enjoying this uber unique and thrilling save-the-date video featuring Liam and Cath. Sometimes, it's because of this openness that brings out the best in both the wedding artist and their couples. It is a collaboration. A dance. An electrifying adventure. 

2. The save-the-date video had a romantic, witty storytelling. Yes, the wakeboarding part made it exciting and unique to the couple. But the story that came out of the subtle scenes, the movements, the flow made it so perfectly sweet. At first you think....okay so the guy can wakeboard...he's cute...the girl's checking him out. Typical. But then wait...the girl is just as kick-ass as the guy...they are equals. The guy finds his match. And you get all this without dialogue. It's so rebelliously romantic! 

3.  Cath and Liam are so good at wakeboarding, so relaxed in doing it, so much so that they can do it even while wearing their "wedding attire".  "No biggie". How wicked is that?!? The final touch. The perfect twist. It is a film like no other, from start to finish. 

Rebellious Bride Cath shares:

"We really had no plans of doing a save-the-date video, but when our videographer, Ian Cruz, found out that we are avid wakeboarders (Liam for over 10 years, me for over 6), he encouraged and convinced us to do one since it would definitely be the first of its kind. We figured we might as well, since a wakeboarding-themed video would definitely capture me and Liam “in our element” as this has been a shared passion for almost 7 years now. I would say wakeboarding is one of the things that define us as a couple."

"Since it was the first time that Ian Cruz and his team would shoot a wakeboarding video, we shared with them some DVDs and videos of wakeboarding films weeks before the shoot, to help inspire them. On the day of the shoot, Liam and I were nervous at first because it was our first professional video shoot. But once we were on the water, it was just like any other weekend.
Ian and his team were also so enthusiastic and genuinely excited about the whole shoot, so it made us feel excited and at ease too."

Congratulations to your engagement, Cath & Liam! Indeed, your save-the-date video has got to be one of the most memorable ones we've seen this year. Enjoy the rest of your wedding preps and have fun on your wedding day! :)

A special shout out goes to Ian Cruz! Cheers to another film that clearly proves why you are one of our all-time favorites! *wink* 

Videographer: Ian Cruz Films
Behind-the-Scenes Photographer and Go Pro Videographer: Paolo Rondain
Hair & Make-up: Bride
Wardrobe: Couple’s own clothes

Location: Lago de Oro, Calatagan, Batangas 

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