Patricia & Jonathan's Grungy-Boho Wedding

"My advice to other brides is, try to cool it with Pinterest. Although it is such a big help in getting pegs for your wedding, you'd see too many wonderful things that sometimes, you're already steering away from your chosen theme. I know cuz it happened to me. Hahaha. And whatever happens, never skimp on your photo+video. Because however shitty the day got or how upset you are with some of your suppliers, once you see how beautiful your pictures and SDE are, all your frustrations would go down the drain." - Rebellious Bride Patricia

Photography by Icebox Imaging

Free-spirited musician lovers at heart, Patricia & Jonathan's Grungy-Boho Themed wedding was a homage to their personality and their own perspective. Honest, sharp-tongued, and equivocally rebellious, the bride loops us in on how she planned their wedding in just five months!

RB Patricia shares:

"My husband being a bassist/guitarist/drummer and me being a vocalist, it is only normal for us to be different from other brides and grooms. I think we did a lot of rebellious/non-traditional things for our wedding like my DIY button bouquet, me rocking a pair of Portland Rose DMs, DIY scratch card invites, engagement tattoos, no veil, no doves, no garter and bouquet toss (I want to keep my bouquet of course!) and our ebony hardwood rings to name a few but I would say our Red Horse toast straight from the bottle was the most non-traditional of them all. Raised a lot of eyebrows especially from my parents and in-laws."

"We were an LDR couple back then, actually, we still are. He's in Canada while I'm in Manila. It was really tough planning the whole thing in 5 months by yourself. Even on my last night of singlehood I was still busy tinkering on things. I was already on the verge of breaking down because of the combination of graveyard shifts+planning+meeting suppliers but just by looking at how much I've accomplished and how I've painstakingly made my bouquet, it would bring such joy in my heart that I'm back on my feet again working my ass off!"

"Just a side story on our wedding stuff, we didn't want to get matchy matchy tattoos since it was our first. Both our tattoos are West African symbols called Adinkra. Mine is called, Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan which means "Love always finds its way home" and his is called Eban which means "The security and safety one finds in love". Both were symbolisms of our promise to each other to survive our LDR." 

Congratulations on your wedding Patricia & Jonathan! And may your marriage be strong and secure as you have vowed to one another.

Here's the cool SDE from the wedding! :)

Jonathan and Patricia from Icebox Imaging on Vimeo.

Photo+Video: Icebox Imaging 
Venue: Versailles Palace Alabang
Bride's Dress+Groom's Attire: Barong de Calado 
Caterer: The Posh Caterer 
Makeup: Facethetics by Ria Badiola 
Rings: Orocher Jewellery 
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  1. Hello. Can you please send me the contact number or email address of Versailles Palace Alabang? Thank you.

  2. Hi Ioen, thank you for your comment. My suggestion is just to google it :)

  3. Hi! Any idea with the venue cost? This place was awesome. I just don't know if it fits on our budget as wedding venue.. Thanks in advance..

  4. Hi Kurt! Sorry this was a submission and the the bride didn't share that info with us. It's always best to inquire directly from the venue since rates change anyway :)