RB Goes Temptation Island

Photography by We Are Seekers

Here in Rebellious Brides, we don't like taking things too seriously. In fact, one of our dream concepts even before we started this blog was to do a tribute on the movie Temptation Island. My matron-of-honor, Anna (the super beautiful girl in white) actually hosted a bridal shower photo shoot for me before I got married--and I think it's a wonderful idea to have a photo shoot like this with your girls in replace of the kinky bridal showers.  

This shoot is also a tribute to two of the concepts we introduced in the blog 2 years ago--the "anti-white" (colored gowns) and "white w/ a twist" (self explanatory). Two concepts that were perfectly interpreted for this Temptation Island setting and which, fabulous designer Vidal Clayton of the Cecilio Abad Design Team graciously indulged us with. Each gown used for this shoot was re-constructed just for this shoot, and the gold gown was made from scratch. Clayton never ceases to surprise us! And I hope this encourages all you rebels to consider having a rebellious wedding gown! 

And finally I want to talk a little bit more about the venue for the shoot which I think is also perfect for the modernized version of Temptation Island that we were going for. The venue is Sulo Hotel--which, just like the old movie is like a Throwback Thursday of some sorts because it was actually historically circa 1967  'till it was revamped into this ahhhmazing hotel that looks sooo hip and fabulous and can easily be one of those unique wedding venues that only the people in the know would well...know!  

Enjoy the feature. "Everybody needs a shipwreck once in awhile." *wink*

For the Rebellious, Free-Spirited Bride
Bonsai Fojas as PURA K.

Pura: Bitch!
Serafina: Darling, ‘di ko sinasadya. Hindi kita napansin.
Pura: It must have been failing eyesight.
Serafina: Really now, 20/20 yata ang vision ko.
Pura: Sorry ha. I thought that was your bust line.
Pura: Kung sabagay hindi rin kita napansin, pandak pandak mo kasi eh, tatabi tabi ka sa towering height ko, So it must have been my fault after all, Bitch!
Serafina: Double Bitch!

For the Rebellious, Glam Bride

“Ahh! Careful, careful now. ‘Wag mo masyadong idiin at masisira ang beauty ng complexion ko. Alam mo namang mahirap ma-achieve ang golden tan.” -Serafina L.

For the Rebellious, Romantic Bride
Anna Antonino as VIRGINIA P.

Virginia: Why don’t you have other things to talk about except for love, love, love, love, love…there are other things to talk about naman ah.
Alfred: Like What?
Virginia: Like..
Alfred: Like Ano?
Virginia: Like..
Alfred: Like love?

For the Rebellious, Fierce Bride

“You see, I’m a crook and a damn good crook. And I can tell another crook when I see one–tulad mo. An exciting and adventurous young one.” - Cristina G.

Walang Tubig, walang pagkain, edi magsayaw na lang tayo.”-- Cristina G.

So which bridal look will you go for? We hope that even if you decide to be on the safe side and pick the white, keep in mind how rebellious the white gown was made as well. 

We hope that this feature taught you to loosen up a little. Be silly. But be fashionably silly. Yes, the wedding is a serious thing but the preps can get really intoxicating most of the time. So don't forget to just have fun and create your own rules. 


This feature is our second year anniversary special for the blog. We'd like to thank the following people who made this shoot possible:

Photography: We Are Seekers / Bridal Gown Couturier: Vidal Clayton of the Cecilio Abad Design Team / Hair: Marvic Globasa of Toni Rodriguez' Team / Makeup: The Makeup of Mica (for RB Mica & Bonsai) and Toni Rodriguez Makeup Artistry (for RB Kai & Anna) / Location: Sulo Hotel / Fine Jewelry: Cuenca Jewelry / Special Thanks to Anna & Bons! :)

PS. Here's a copy of our mood board. As you will see, we were inspired by Temptation but made it into our own version. Don't forget to always create your own spin on things even if you have pegs! 

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  1. Looking gorgeous ladies and happy second anniversary to Rebellious Brides! This post has definitely given me lots of ideas for my wedding photos with my bridal party :D

    Oh and I would be a rebellious glam bride. Love love love your dress Kai.

  2. Girls looking gorgeous in those beautiful dresses.

  3. Free-spirited or glam for meeee!

  4. Sana may Joswah din sa shoot!

  5. Good job RB and RV